Bioshock Infinite has generated a lot of media hype. Some have been calling it one of the best games of this generation, others complaining about its confusing and odd story, particularly the ending (which we won’t spoil). Read on for our opinion on the game in terms of story, gameplay, graphics, sound and whether it is value for your money.

Bioshock Infinite, is, to put it simply, OUTSTANDING. The ending to the story (combined with the overall excellence of the game) will leave you with your jaw dropped. You, Booker DeWitt, are an investigator with some suspicious “debt” to pay. Your only way of paying this debt is by capturing Elizabeth, a woman trapped in Columbia and bringing her to someone willing to pay.

As you travel through the beautiful city of Columbia, captured in vivid glory and outstanding graphical quality, you will see it has a much darker foundation. A foundation on racism, white supremacy and the opinion that those outside that ‘perfect’ bracket should be tortured, enslaved and killed and treated as animals, rather than humans.

Father Comstock is a prophet and the leader of the city of Columbia and also your enemy. You have been named ‘The False Shepherd’ and all residents of the city will do anything they can to try and rid of you if you give them a reason. After rescuing Elizabeth, she becomes a partner to you. As the story progresses, she becomes more useful, throwing you coins, ammo and health while in battle, whilst also summoning support turrets and cover to assist you. She can also pick locks using both hairpins and consumable lockpicks.

Elizabeth is an excellently created AI companion. She very, very rarely hinders you and almost always follows you without hesitation. She has been worked on heavily by the developers in order to create an advanced AI character, something we hope to see developed further in the next generation of consoles. Through the story, you will have a bit of a rocky relationship with her and then notice how much of an asset she is to you when she is not available to help you. You’ll discover more of her strange past as you progress through the game.

Bioshock Infinite employs a new weapon system; the use of VIGORS (powers) which are fueled by SALTS. These are the equivalent to PLASMIDS in Bioshock which were fueled by EVE. These Vigors allow you to deploy fire or flocks of murderous crows and take control of an enemy or machine, along with many other abilities. These are acquired by drinking shiny, fancy-looking bottles scattered across the world of Columbia. These can be upgraded in Vending Machines to enhance their performance.

The areas of Columbia are open and spacey, compared to the confinement of Rapture in the original Bioshock. Traversal through the city (which almost seems open-world, but isn’t quite that) is done through zip-lines, hooks and flying vehicles. The vivid, breathtaking world created in Infinite is one of the biggest pros of the game, and is arguably one of the nicest looking worlds ever created in a video game.

Enemies range from easy to kill to tough armored “George Washington” robots. Some enemies have the identical weapons and/or Vigors to those which can be utilised by you, the player. Overall, the gameplay and story are excellent elements of the game and really are some of the best created in this generation of gaming. As mentioned, the ending is quite confusing, although, we will not spoil it for you, you will see what we mean when you complete it!

Bioshock Infinite could be considered an almost perfect title, with a vivid world, a gripping plot, extremely fun gameplay, fantastic sound, dialogue & music and certainly an excellent gaming experience. This is one that EVERY GAMER should play! Thanks for reading the review, we leave you with a video showing the first few minutes of Bioshock Infinite (there are very few spoilers) followed by the final scores.