This evening we bring you a review of the official Black Ops 2 guide brought to you by gaming guide experts, BradyGames. The company is the most reputable gaming guide writer in the industry and has covered many of the Call of Duty games – back with map layouts, tips, weapon guides and more for smash-hit Black Ops 2. Read on for our review…

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 BradyGames guide delivers unprecedented coverage for the single player, multiplayer and zombies modes within the game. Throughout the entirety of the guide maps, hidden secrets, weapon locations and mission tips are detailed in full and are a fantastic asset to help you get through the campaign.

As you move into multiplayer, the guide provides comprehensive map details, weapon statistics with unlock levels, descriptions of attachments, overhead maps of the multiplayer offerings with objective points, spawn points and hot spots labelled. Also provided are detailed tips, hints, helpful tactics and recommendations for each individual multiplayer map within the game.

This game guide is so comprehensive that it is an essential asset to use in order to leave you one step ahead at all times. Knowing the layouts and tips will allow you to avoid death in game and keep your KD ratio at an impressive level. I have only scratched the surface on what is included in the guide in regards to the multiplayer and campaign sections – this review would have to be ridiculously long if I was to detail each feature of the guide.

The weapon statistics provided show on graphs each weapon’s damage, reload speed and rate of fire within their class, providing an extremely easy way to compare weapons. Expert analysis of each weapon, perk, scorestreak, attachment and item of equipment are included and tips are given on what classes are suited towards certain players.

Then we delve into the ZOMBIES coverage section which shows radar-like maps of each zombie map available within the game. Included are zombie survival tactics, techniques and tips to allow you to maximize your round record on each of the game modes available within the zombies feature.

These are only a few things included in the phenomenal BradyGames guide for Black Ops 2. It is definitely something for hardcore Call of Duty fans or players who want to improve to purchase. I cannot further stress on the asset this guide proves while playing Call of Duty – if you are a true fan, you should purchase this guide as soon as you can.