From Software have delivered to us an exceptional new Playstation 4 exclusive title in the form of Bloodborne. Even with its extreme difficulty level, Bloodborne delivers an experience which I haven’t had from a video game in quite some time which, in my opinion, makes it THE must-play game of the Playstation 4 in 2015 thus far.

Much of your time in Bloodborne will be spent dying. Right from the beginning of the game during the tutorial up to the final fight, you will find yourself facing a constant steam of deaths due to the insane difficulty level of the game. Bloodborne’s level up and weapon crafting system is based around the idea of collecting “Blood Echoes” from dead enemies. When you die, all of your blood echoes will be lost. However, upon respawning, you will have a chance to recover these in the place which you lost them. Collected items, however, are retained upon death and can be sold to gain more blood echoes.

Bloodborne has quite an open world in the sense that there are many ways to approach objectives and explore the map. Often times you will be required to explore and backtrack in order to level up more or collect new items before progressing. Also, you may only notice or discover new, easier paths to the objective after doing some exploration around the map.

Story does not play a huge role in Bloodborne, mainly because the combat is so intense and challenging. However, a storyline is still present in the game, as are complex and developed characters, most of whom you will kill. The combat system in Bloodborne allows you to equip two weapons to each hand and switch between them at will. The game uses the rear buttons to map to the two selected weapons.

Player vs Player is one of the modes available in the game. When you reach an Insight Level of 30, you will be able to join another player’s game and battle them. However, you will lose if they reach the boss enemy on the map. This can be quite an interesting experience as it adds some extra tension to an already tough game.

There are other options in the game which integrate online interaction. For example, you can leave messages at certain parts of each level to warn other players of potential dangers in that level. A co-operative mode is also available in which you can invite either nearby strangers or friends to join your game where you will take on the map’s enemies together. However, there is an Insight cost associated with using the co-operative mode, so, ensure that you use it wisely and not recklessly.

The final extra which Bloodborne offers is something called Chalice Dungeons. These are randomly generated levels which offer something different each and every time you play them. These dungeons can be visited alone, with friends or with enemies. However, playing in these dungeons comes at a higher risk that standard play. One of the standout features associated with these dungeons however is the ability to share dungeons which you enjoyed with friends and strangers and download dungeons which have been shared by others. This mode adds an incredible amount of replay value to the game and is truly a fantastic bonus mode.

Bloodborne performs well graphically. While there are titles with more impressive graphical presentation available on the Playstation 4, Bloodborne still offers incredible amounts of detail in the environments featured within the game. However, sound is the aspect of Bloodborne which truly stands out. Firstly, every character in the game is fully voiced and voiced well it must be said. Also, the sound effects and music are outstanding and truly complement the tense and challenging atmosphere which the game creates through its difficult gameplay.

Loading times are one place where the game suffered, however, a recent patch improved load times significantly. Overall, Bloodborne is a challenging but incredible game. When the excellent gameplay and sound are partnered with a massive amount of replay value and content available straight from the box, Bloodborne immediately becomes a must-play title. However, if you feel you would become easily frustrated from the perhaps thousands of deaths you will experience during this game, Bloodborne probably is not for you. Other than that, Bloodborne is an RPG which I urge all PS4 owners to experience.