Cranium is a game which involves intelligence, artistic skills, knowledge and luck. In the game, players are challenged with a number of tasks varying from knowledge questions to sculpting. It is definitely marketed as a family game or a game between a group of friends, as the minimum number of players is 4, however, once you get going, the game is great fun. Read on for our full review.

Included with the game is a board which can vary between three sizes for short, medium and long games. Also in the box are four sets of cards, a die and a tub of modelling clay. In the four sets of cards there is a range of tasks to do such as answering questions, modelling items, drawing pictures, playing charades and many other activities. The game would be suited towards adults and older children, as a relatively high level of intelligence and knowledge is required, and is something that younger children may not be able to understand.

To play the game, four players are required (2 players on 2 teams). The players on each team take it in turns to do whatever action is required of them from the card they draw. In a charades card for example, the other member of the team must guess what the player is doing. The range of activities in Cranium is great and keep the game fresh for some time. Six hundred question cards are included.

The game offers great fun for a night in and will appeal to older children and adults alike. The game can be found relatively cheaply online (for example, Amazon UK are selling it for £15 at time of writing) and offers excellent bang for your buck. The activity range will ensure that all talents are included, artistic, acting, knowledge, spelling and more.

Overall, this is one of the best board games for a large group of people to play and the addition of a multiple-size board is a clever inclusion from Hasbro to allow games that vary in time. Cranium is a great purchase and a recommendation from InsideTheBox.