Hello everyone! Welcome to our board game week, during which we will be reviewing the best board games brought to you by Hasbro and Winning Moves. We will have classics like Monopoly and Operation, as well as Cranium and some other modern releases. Today, to kick off the feature, we have the Monopoly: World of Warcraft special edition. Read on for our impressions…

This version of Monopoly uses place names from the entire range of World of Warcraft releases, making it a dream come true for any Blizzard enthusiasts. Different characters are printed upon each denomination of money and beautifully bronze-coloured metal figures are included in the game, along with a pouch. This version of Monopoly has got a lot more style to it than the standard version.

Also included is the speed die, which has 1, 2, 3, two of Mr.Monopoly and a bus on each respective side, allowing players to get into the game – and finish it – faster than usual. The Speed Die is an optional addition to the main game, and , as with all aspects of the game, its use can be customised with in-house Monopoly rules.

The center of the board is filled with many characters from across the World of Warcraft storyline, as you can see from the picture above. The board is designed very nicely and uses good quality materials and printing. The property cards, in addition to chance and treasure chest, are all well printed and look much more visually pleasing than a lot of Monopoly editions.

We played several games here at the office (without any cheating) and had a lot of fun pointing out which game within World of Warcraft each property was from, whilst I sat laughing as my rivals forked out several thousand after landing on my built up dark blue properties, the best properties in the game. There is no doubt Monopoly: WoW brings something to special to Monopoly, especially for video game fans and Blizzard/Wow enthusiasts.

Monopoly: World of Warcraft can be bought online now by clicking here.