Today in our board game feature, we have a review of the classic family board game, Operation. Operation involves the removal of certain body parts from a patient, without the tweezers touching the edges around the opening. Operation is a family or one-on-one game, so, read on for our full impressions on the board game.

In Operation, the player takes the attached tweezers and attempts to remove the part in question from the patients body. This must be completed without touching the metal edges bordering the opening. If the edges are touched by the player, a buzz will sound and the player does not receive any cash for their operation. This is continued until all parts are removed and the person with the most cash is the winner.

Operation can make a fun family game, but can even be played one-on-one or solo. The game requires a steady hand and can be quite difficult if you cannot concentrate and can’t keep your hand still. Unfortunately, the game tends to be extremely short, and for anyone who likes to sit down for a long game (such as Monopoly or Chess), this game will be a disappointment once experience in the game has been built. Anyone who wants to play quickly however, will enjoy Operation’s style of play.

The openings are generally barely large enough to fit the pieces themselves, so, skill is a major part of this game. Some of the tasks in Operation are more difficult than others, however, they also pay better than others. Another reason this game is great for play within a family is its overall simplicity. There are no rules or choices, one just has to remove the piece without touching the sides. This makes it very simple to get kids in on the game.

Operation is a fun overall game and can be enjoyed 1-on-1 or between the whole family. Thanks for reading our review, we’ll be back tomorrow with more content, stick with InsideTheBox.