Hi all, today we have the review of the absolutely fantastic sequel to 2K’s Borderlands, the western FPS which was released to critical acclaim, I can honestly say, the sequel not only matches, but improves on the brilliance of the original game. Let us look into the factors which make Borderlands 2 a fantastic title in it’s entirety…

Borderlands 2 starts off quite slow to allow new players to the franchise to get used to the different feel of the game, however, once the first few areas are passed, the game begins to get difficult and becomes very enjoyable, so, anyone who isn’t enjoying the starting section, bear with it, you’ll have your action soon enough!

The graphical art style of the game is beautiful – it has a very comic book, hand-drawn look about it, very similar to the art style used in the amazing The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. Character models are well designed, and, overall, the game looks stunning, clear, crisp and vivid. Gearbox must have put a lot of thought into the graphical department and their work payed off as the game just looks fantastic.

The game is extremely long and will take most people somewhere between 20-30 hours, depending on whether you choose to take part in the side missions available to you. There is a very nice selection of different type missions available to keep players interested, and, I can assure you, the game does not get boring! A variety of weapons are included in the game which are all designed nicely and have excellent mechanics, which leads us on to the topic of combat within the game…

The combat elements of the game (which really are the primary focus) have been crafted, from what looks like the ground up, to perfection. Damage done to enemies is displayed by numerical values floating from them and their overall health is shown above their head. The guns in the game really do work magnificently and there is something, something which makes each shot against the enemy very satisfying. Enemies range from humans to strange, blood-thirsty furry monsters and go up in level of difficulty as you play on… it is almost as if the enemies level up along with you.

The leveling system is another superb child of Gearbox – certain weapons will only become available to use when you reach a certain level, however, you can pick them up before then, which is nice. The leveling system plays a key part in Borderlands and will increase naturally from fighting and completing missions.

Sound effects and music in the game are stunning, they really do suit the game entirely and are the perfect match to a perfect game. This game really is one of the biggest and most beautiful titles of this year, so, I urge everyone to pick up a copy at some stage to experience this masterpiece by the ever delivering 2K Games.

I won’t ruin too much for you, so I just want to finish off by saying this game is a stunning, fantastic and highly enjoyable game that all gamers should get a chance to play. I urge you to head to the local game retailer as soon as possible and pick up a copy if you haven’t got one already. Borderlands 2 is a superb experience and one which should be enjoyed by many.

We also urge fans to consider the purchase of the BradyGames Borderlands 2 signature series or limited edition guide, we’ll have a separate review of that tomorrow! Thank you for reading and have a nice evening… here are the final scores: