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Brady Games is known for quality. Their guides are the most comprehensive and easy to use resource for gaming tips and walkthroughs available. They recently released their guide for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s latest PS3 exclusive masterpiece, which has been a critical and commercial success (read our review for the game by clicking here) and have kindly sent us a sample for review.

The guide features a number of well laid-out, nicely designed sections to help with different elements of the game. The guide is printed with high quality and is extremely comprehensive – you won’t find anything else with this much information in one place. The Last of Us can be quite difficult in stages, and this guide is perfect for assisting the player with tips and strategies, as well as pointing out weapons, supplies and hidden items across the entire game.

The first section of this guide is titled Survival Guide. This is an introduction to the game which shows the player the basic controls and mechanics of the game, as well as giving a bit of info on the game itself and the world within. As we reach the end of the Survival Guide we meet the Tools of a Post-Pandemic World slice of the guide. As the name suggests, you can find information on each weapon found within the game in this section. Details such as clip size, fire rate and reload speed are offered for firearms, while the durability is shown for each melee weapon. The guide also lists every place in which each and every weapon can be found.

The Enemies part of the guide, surprisingly enough, provides information about the large variety of enemies in the game. This is conveniently split into human and non-human sections. The enemies of The Last of Us (particularly the non-human ones) can be difficult to deal with, so, arming yourself with the information and tips offered by the Brady Games team in this section is a great resource when forming strategies.

Now, the main component of the guide. The story section. The guide does a fantastic job of walking players through the game in detail, so much so, that any further detail would be redundant. The Brady Games authoring team offers a variety of strategies for every encounter; detailed maps of each level; huge text walkthroughs of every situation; locations of every weapon, item and collectible as you approach them and clear screenshots from the game every step of the way. Additionally, at the start of each chapter of the story, the guide shows every supply and collectible available in the chapter and each enemy you will encounter in the chapter – a very nice touch.

To round up the guide, also included are sections on collectibles, factions and Tags & New Game +. Collectibles gives more information on each collectible and and its location, factions given detailed information about the multiplayer modes and strategies to use and Tags & New Game + provides trophy details and explains the New Game + mode of The Last of Us.

As always, Brady Games have delivered this guide with as much information as they could cram into their walkthrough. Every piece of information you need to become an expert at The Last of Us is included in the guide – and then some! This product is an ESSENTIAL product for gamers experiencing Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece!