Today we have a review of the Bioshock Infinite BradyGames guide which includes a detailed run through of the entire story, in addition to beautiful maps, diagrams and pictures. BradyGames are known as a high quality game guide company and deliver, as usual, with their Infinite guide. Read on for our full review…

The Bioshock Infinite guide details a wealth of information regarding the storyline, secrets, weapons, battles, strategies and vigors in the game. Anyone new to Bioshock will definitely find this guide handy as they play through the game. In addition, if you are looking to try to collect everything in the game, this guide is the best way to achieve it.

Complete with beautiful pictures, the guide does an excellent job of explaining the pros, cons, statistics and strategies to using each weapon and vigor in the game. Shown as a large picture are each of the nicely designed Vigor bottles from the game, surrounded by details and statistics. In the weapons section, damage, RPM, reload speeds, multipliers and more are all shown in a handy table beside a picture of the weapon, with a description written at the bottom of the page.

The print quality is very high and the paper is as good as you would expect from a thick guide with such detailed information retailing at such a competitive price point. Bioshock Infinite is a very feature-packed game and the guide does well to explain everything it has to offer. The comprehensive walkthrough of the entire story is filled with pictures, tips, locations of hidden items, custom-drawn maps and more. This guide goes above and beyond what is necessary for a guide, but the addition of these extras makes the experience all the more interesting and simple.

Personally, I ran a second playthrough of Bioshock Infnite using the guide after not using it during my first playthrough and I finished with collectibles, audio logs and other measured statistics at a much higher level than without the guide. So, to round up the review, if you are a fan of collecting everything and want to ensure you don’t miss any collectibles, this BradyGames guide is for you. Additionally, if you are new to the series or think you might have trouble completing the game, you should definitely pick up the guide as an assistant through the confusing story.

SCORE: 9/10