Hello everyone, welcome to InsideTheBox. We are here today to review BradyGames guide of Blizzard’s critically acclaimed Diablo III. The guide was released on May 15th. Also available is a limited edition which has a metal bookmark, game art, a hard cover and a digital copy.

The guide is an excellent companion to the game. If you wish, you can read our review of Diablo III by clicking here before continuing with this review.

Writing the guide was a challenge to the author, Doug Walsh, due to the fact dungeon layout and items are randomly generated in everyone’s game. This made writing the guide a particular challenge to Mr. Walsh.

Doug started off by writing up on everything that was guaranteed to happen in the story, ie. the tasks you are given, the map layout, the people featured in the game and descriptions of the characters, their skills/spells, weapons and other character related information.

He tackled the difficulty of the random generation by suggesting examples. He wrote about examples and what could happen in a dungeon to give people the best idea they could have while exploring.

Also available in the book is a list of ALL the items which are available in the game. This must have been a cumbersome task for Doug Walsh due to the fact the game has SEVERAL HUNDRED different types of item. Included in the book are the name of description of each item.

Also detailed are monster classes, levels and skills. All of the descriptions included are accompanied by images. The images included in the guide are brilliant and help to make the guide look lively, engaging, simpler and make the resource more effective in helping your game.

The level of detail exhibited in the guide is spectacular and you must take your hat off to Mr.Walsh and his colleagues, it really must have been a long, tiring and complex job to write a guide for a game that is mainly based on randomly generated elements.

Print quality is, as expected with BradyGames, excellent, images are vivid and the artwork used in the guide gives it a very professional and premium feel.

I cannot fault this guide, the details given are comprehensive, extremely helpful and make an excellent companion to an excellent game. If you are looking for help with Diablo III, do not look anywhere other than Brady Games new masterpiece!

I leave you now for the scores..