The Brother MFC-J6510DW is like a miniature version of a photocopier in appearance, with high quality photo printing, fax and all-in-one…ness thrown in! This is an office-style printer, which is priced very affordably compared to other products in its market. Many excellent features have been included in the product, and we are going to take a look at them today. Read on for our review…

The MFC-J6510DW is one of Brother’s many A3 inkjets, a product which the company have been actively pushing and pricing at a very accessible rate. The majority of consumer and small office printers are not available in A3 size. The price of the higher end A3 business printers are far higher, and, at £149.99 (current price on Amazon UK as of time of writing), this is an extremely accessible printer, not only on an office level, but even on a consumer level.

This printer, even at its excellent price, has a fully-fledged feature set. The printer is equipped with an automatic document feeder capable of holding up to 35 pages at a time; has WiFi, USB and media card connections for quick and easy printing; a 250 sheet tray, capable of many different formats and sizes up to just above A3 size; fax capabilities; A3 scanning and finally, it supports the affordable XL cartridges, which makes ink prices very economical.

One of the first things I noticed after doing some colour photo prints (thanks again to Brother for sending over a sample of the printer, along with a pack of premium A3 photo paper) is how vivid, vibrant and clear the coloured prints look after emerging from the printer. The colours are replicated very accurately, and with great vibrancy. Unfortunately, some test Word documents we printed weren’t quite as outstanding – they were very good, however, the blacks weren’t quite as deeply dark as we would have liked. By all means, the printer can still produce a fine-looking document, however, they are not quite as striking as the quality of the printer photos (at least the more important of the two are outstanding – documents don’t need to look magnificent, photos do however).

After remarking on the quality and beauty of the printed photos, we time-tested the printer. Each test was tried three times, and then average of the times were taken for each result. For this reason, please allow +/- 1 second variances.

Non-colour: 6.3 seconds
Colour: 8.7 seconds

6″ x 4″ standard photo: 56 seconds
A4 size photo: 112 seconds
A3 size photo: 219 seconds

These printing times, particularly for the A3 size photo, are very impressive. Previous products similar to this printer produced by Brother took anywhere from 12-20 minutes to print A3 size photos, so, it is clear Brother has really stepped up their game in recent printing releases! Now, in terms of scanning – the printer is capable of scanning up to very high resolutions, however, at a standard 300ppi resolution, the average scan of up to A3 size took only 14 seconds.

If you choose to buy this printer, you might want to make space. Due to its A3 capabilities, the printer is huge, heavy and hard to move, although, that cannot be helped – A3 printers are huge by nature. This products is an OUTSTANDING offering for the price, is economical on ink prices (we calculated at just 6c or 5p for a colour print – 1c/1p for a non-colour document), highly capable of document and photo printing or scanning and is definitely worth purchasing for anyone in the market for A3 printing – whether you are consumer or business. Without a doubt, the printer deserves our GOLD AWARD as the best value A3 printer on the market.