It’s time for another new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC pack, and this time, we have VENGEANCE. As always, the map pack contains 4 new multiplayer maps and one new zombies experience, however Vengeance also offers a new weapon. Read on for more…

Vengeance introduces four new multiplayer maps; Cove, Uplink, Detour and Rush. Each multiplayer map is newly produced and has the usual elements of Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps to incorporate a variety of strategies. There isn’t all that much to talk about, however, the maps are laid-out and designed well and make a worthy addition to the game.

The main focus of this review will be the new zombies experience… BURIED. This map (as with all of the DLC maps thus far) add so much new content, weapons and freshness to the zombies element of the game. Treyarch were not successful in keeping fans happy with the original Black Ops. The game was riddled with issues, the multiplayer DLC maps were mostly mediocre and the zombies maps were boring, overcomplicated and added little new.

Treyarch thankfully took a different approach with Black Ops 2. The team have been constantly adding and adding to the game, especially in zombies. Die Rise had great guns like the sliquifier and AN94, great strategical camping spots and a new elevator element. Mob of the Dead added a cool prison with a variety of new weapons, an abundance of worthwhile easter eggs, a new AFTERLIFE system, a new perk, an upgradable secondary grenade (which is a special tomahawk), brought back Deadshot Daquiri, a new camo and a plane – arguably the biggest change in zombies since the mode began.

Buried is the follow up to this impressive map, so, it has a lot to beat. Thankfully, the new map retains the level of quality and freshness Mob of the Dead had at its release. The LSAT (an LMG) was added to the wall for the first time, a new perk called Vulture Aid (which allows the salvaging of point and ammo scraps from zombies and shows perk/box locations) was added, a large friendly boss (who can attack zombies and open paths), a system which allows you to get all 7 perks in the map, chalk weapons which can be drawn in places you desire, a new wonder weapon (the Paralyser), a large calibre revolver and the RAY GUN MARK II (more on that later), among a variety of other things.

The map is fantastic and feels very fresh, it is a pleasure to play. Treyarch also went to the trouble of adding a GRIEF and a TURNED mode to the map, both welcome additions! Finally, the team added the RAY GUN MARK II to ALL ZOMBIE MAPS.

The RAY GUN MARK II is a three-round burst laser gun which is available from the box, and has higher damage than the original. The weapon is extremely powerful and is a fantastic addition to previous maps, making them worthwhile to revisit and play again and again. The Mark II is a very helpful weapon, and I highly suggest you try it – it has many improvements over the original Ray Gun.

This DLC pack is on part with the last, and overall, the attempts at Treyarch to improve over their last game are extremely impressive, they have done a great job with the game thus far. I have to admit, it is my favourite Call of Duty game of all. Bring on the final DLC pack!

SCORE: 9/10