Brady Games are a great resource for tough games. The guides regularly contain the highest level of accuracy and detail, rarely missing out on anything important. Not only do they cover the main part of the game, but every last inch of it will be explained in book (provided it is available at launch, of course). Today, we have their Call of Duty: Ghosts Signature Series guide to review for you. If you want as much extra information on everything on Ghosts, you have come to the right place…

We have a great relationship with Brady Games, and we love featuring their guides on the site for review. They can be a great help not only to gamers playing the games, but also to myself, when I am reviewing the game. The detailed walkthroughs help me to get through the game quicker, so I can write the review sooner. We will be featuring two more Brady Games guide reviews on the site through the week, so, stick with us for those if you enjoy these guides!

I know that walkthroughs are available all over the internet, and, to give credit where credit is due, the authors of these walkthroughs work extremely hard when putting together their detailed collection of level guides. These walkthroughs aren’t quite the same as Brady Games’ guides. When you buy their guide, you are paying for the presentation, the extra image assets only they would have access to (from the developers), the professional level of authorship and the dedication to covering every last detail. It is very hard to find a walkthrough that reaches the quality a Brady Games guide offers. Of course, many people (such as myself), also much prefer physical items, so, a printed guide with a nice cover is always great to have.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts guide is one filled with information. Coming in at 317 pages, the guide is literally packed with every piece of information you could think of. Even the previously-hidden ‘Extinction’ bonus mode is covered in the guide. To give you a full idea of the contents, the guide covers all single player missions, each and every multiplayer map and gamemode, killstreaks, perks, the armory and ‘classified’. Also present in the guide is information on Squads mode, Extinction mode and Safeguard mode. Achievements/trophies are also dedicated a section of the guide, as a final touch.

As you travel through the campaign, each and every task in every mission is explained to you in detail, accompanied by pictures. At the start of each mission, you are presented with an exclusive map of the level, and Brady Games offers a list of the characters who will be present in the mission, along with a brief summary of what is to happen. Within each mission walkthrough, the guide will stop to indicate when an achievement/trophy is available (coloured in a green box to stand out) and will explain the nature of the achievement/trophy, and how to get it. There are also small sidenotes occasionally, which gives tips and strategies. I was extremely impressed by the layout and simplicity of the guide’s campaign section, but also surprised by how much extra information was supplied above and beyond the main mission guide. The addition of tips and strategic suggestions is a great asset.

As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words: nothing is more true than this saying when reading this guide. It is very image-rich, however, all the images (aside from those for design purposes) are relevant and useful in discovering more about the mission. They, again, are often a great asset to have when playing through the Ghosts campaign. Another feature I love is the ‘step by step breakdown’ sections. When you reach a difficult or complex objective in the story, the guide will introduce a breakdown section (orange background). Each individual step of the object is explained, and a picture is printed for each. For example, on page 28 of the guide, there is a stealth section in which you must remain hidden. The guide offers 7 steps, each with text and an image, to explain exactly how to complete the objective.

If you were impressed by that, wait until you see the multiplayer section. WOW. My jaw almost dropped when I saw the weapons section. I honestly have never seen anything like it before in a guide. Each and every weapon, and their variations (attachments, fire types etc), are given a small image with a black background and red crosshair. Around the crosshair you will see yellow and blue noisy patterns, almost like flames. These are the recoil plots, and they are available for every variation of every weapon in the game. To be honest, I didn’t expect anywhere near this level of detail to be present in the guide, and I guarantee, you will not find anything like this anywhere else. Huge bar charts plot the rate of fire of each weapon (for standard, semi-auto and burst fire) and even the shots (bullets) needed to kill over varying distances. Reload time and ammo capacity are also shown in graphs. Other information is also available for the truly experienced players; such as ADS time, DROP time, RAISE time, damage at various parts of the body and penetration levels of each weapon. It was truly astounding to be presented with such a resource.

Killstreaks and perks are presented in the same outstanding level of detail, giving you the information to help you choose your loadout. As we head to the ‘Maps’ section, we can see that multiple floor-plans are presented for each map, showing tactical routes and spots, as well as objective-based routes and spots. The maps are given to correct scale, and the actual dimensions are presented on the page. The effective distance of each weapon category is also presented under the map. A selection of pictures and tips are also given. The game modes are similarly presented, and tips/strategies are often also included below the description of each. The section on ‘Extinction’ also gives a very detailed walkthrough on the bonus mode.

Overall, when you take into account the overwhelming level of detail included in the guide, in addition to the presentation and printing quality, the guide is outstanding. It is the best Brady Games guide I have ever seen, and, as soon as I read it, I knew it deserved a 10/10. Thanks for reading!