Castle of Illusion is a classic Megadrive title which Sega have recreated for modern day consoles. The game has been basically remade from scratch, with entirely new visuals and sounds being included, however, a few flaws have shown up. Read on for our full review of this new title…

Castle of Illusion is a platformer which mainly focuses on Mickey Mouse. While the remake certainly looks beautiful, and the cutscenes and assets have been gorgeously crafted, there are a few major issues with the gameplay mechanics. As this is a remake of the game we won’t really be going into the limited plot aspect, but rather the aspects of the upgrade.

Firstly, the controls are an issue. There is a considerable amount of lag after hitting a button. I have heard that the issue is bad on the Xbox 360, but in my PS3 review, I didn’t find it quite as bad as the Xbox 360 players had said, however it still did exist. I managed to adapt to get used to it, although it can cause more frequent deaths in the game. Jumping is also a little difficult to get used to. Unfortunately, Mickey seems to jump very high, and very far in comparison to most game characters. Getting the hang of his jumps so that you do not fall from platforms is the issue, however, I was able to overcome this after around twenty minutes of play, so, it isn’t quite as much of a major issue.

In terms of graphics, the characters, levels and backgrounds are almost on par with Rayman Legends. The art style is magnificent, and the game ranks among the top platformers VISUALLY. Sound and music elements are also great, especially for a limited budget remake.

Cutscenes and voice acting is great, as always with Disney. Unfortunately, not all of the cutscenes can be skipped, which may be annoying if you don’t like watching them. The combat and gameplay, is, however, quite enjoyable and definitely improved over the original title.

To sum up Castle of Illusion, I would say it is definitely brings the nostalgia back with a new level of graphical quality, but those controller bugs may make the game highly frustrating and in some cases unplayable for some players. Keep it in mind if you plan on buying this title for nostalgic values.