Drumond Park have recently released a new version of the classic gameshow Catchphrase. This edition is based on the recent TV reboot, hosted by Stephen Mulhern and, of course, Mr. Chips makes a return. The board game brings the classic concept to the home in about the best way it possibly can. Read on for our full review…

The game comes with the classic elements of the gameshow, the standard Catch Phrases, the super Catch Phrases and the bonus Catch Phrases. There is also a sand timer included, to add to the pressure of the game. The game required a minimum of three players, one of whom will act as the host of the game, while the other two play. The host will read the answer to each Catch Phrase before showing it, and will then reveal the picture and begin the timer. The other two players must hurry to get it first in order to collect cash.

The Super Catch phrase (which is a higher-payout catchphrase) works the same way as the standard Catch Phrases, and the bonus Catch Phrases work the same as they did on the show. For those not familiar, the bonus Catch Phrase is a picture covered by 9 squares. As each player gets a standard Catch Phrase correct, they can choose to remove a square and guess the bonus Catch Phrase for a large prize. The game is very simple to setup, and is great fun to play. The only limitation is that fact it is confined to three players, although there isn’t really a viable alternative given the concept of the game.

The addition of the timer makes it much harder to solve the Catch Phrases, as you are under pressure to beat the other player, and the clock. Overall, this version of the board game stays very true to the original TV show and is definitely very fun and interesting to play! You can get it in retailers now at an RRP of just £19.99! To give you some further information, the press release is available below:

Fantastic Fun for all the Family!

Following its triumphant return – in the capable hands of Stephen Mulhern and longstanding mascot, Mr Chips – to UK TV screens earlier this year, ITV’s hugely popular All New CATCH PHRASE enjoyed peak viewing figures approaching 5 million a night and secured a legion of avid fans old and new.

Now the game is available to enjoy in real time, to play along with family and friends!

Just “SAY what you SEE!” – These famous words will ring in your ears as you compete to complete the infuriating, colourful, all new

Drumond Park’s The All New CATCH PHRASE TV Board Game (rrp £19.99, for 2-4 players, age 8 to adult) faithfully captures all of the best loved elements of ITV’s highly successful contemporary remake of the iconic 80s game show. Just as you’d expect from the UK’s leading independent games company, everything you need to play fresh new Individual, Rapid-Fire and Super Catch Phrase rounds is included in the box… and it’s all amazingly true to the game show format.

There are 96 double-sided Regular Catch Phrase Cards, 15 large, square double-sided Bonus Catch Phrase Cards, 48 single-sided Super Catch Phrase Cards and board, a quirky Mr Chips Card Holder and a clever Bonus Catch Phrase Picture Frame which plays an integral part in recreating all of the lively fun of the TV game.

Game play is straightforward and follows the frenetic, fun-filled format of the show – but here, to add to the fun, everyone takes a turn to step into the hallowed shoes of the Host. The ultimate aim is to accrue the most ‘money’ by guessing Catch Phrase puzzles over each of the rounds… with increasing amounts of ‘prize money’ on offer.

Each player keeps his or her accumulated winnings, as play passes from Host to Host – and the person with the most money after everyone has played Host is declared the winner. It’s a battle of wit and brainteasers – a veritable twirl of tongue twisters and picture puzzles that’ll have you shouting out with frustration or jumping for joy when the penny drops and you’re able to literally “Say what you see!”.

This hugely entertaining, hilarious new board game is a faithful rendition of the much-loved TV game show. It’s excellent value for money and guaranteed to provide hours of raucous family fun and frivolity for all!