Hello all, we have a review of NIS America’s upcoming title, Clan of Champions. Clan of Champions is a very affordable title and is coming to PC and PS3 very soon (if not already available in your region). Read on to find out what we thought of the title…

Clan of Champions is a game quite focused on combat and is set in a dark, fantasy world, quite like what you would imagine as the medieval times with evil creatures and odd weaponry thrown into the mix.

The game plays great and looks quite good too, combat is done well and this game is quite different to the usual offerings of the brilliant developers in Nippon Ichi Software. Clan of Champion is similar to an MMO, however, NIS are not really marketing the game as such, but it has obviously been inspired by the genre as it contains a number of the features which would be present in such a game.

Sound effects and music are great, something which is almost a specialty of NIS – known for the cartoony music of their popular Disgaea series of games. This simplistic game is effective and affordable in what it does and provides a wide variety of options and plenty of customisation.

Over twenty magic skills, thirty physical skills and over one hundred assistant skills are available for use within the game along with, I believe, over one hundred weapons. Quite impressive for a budget title, available at an expected price of about $30.

Both paid DLC and free upgrades to the game will be available in the future according to the developers, which is good for anyone who is planning on continuing with the game for a long time.

The game will take quite some time, however, the length of the game depends on how long to user takes to carry out quests and whether they choose to explore the land in between their objectives. Overall, it is an excellent title at an even better price point!

Overall, Clan of Champions is a nice filler for the gap in between October and the Christmas gaming season and is very enjoyable for hardcore and casual gamers, here are the scores: