Cluedo Suspect (or Clue Suspect in the US) is a card-only version of the popular board game Cluedo/Clue by Hasbro. A lot of board games have recently been given card game adaptions, which makes it easier to bring the games on the move, and makes them far quicker to set up. How does Cluedo Suspect fare? Read on to find out…

As with standard Cluedo, you must work out which suspect committed a murder, with which weapon they committed it and finally in which room they enacted it. In Suspect, there are six characters, six weapons and five rooms available. These are the ‘Case File’ and ‘Evidence’ cards. There are also reminder cards and a crime cards bundled in with the game. The game supports 3-6 players, and is expected to last around 15 minutes. It is suitable for ages 8 and up.

The case file cards are equivalent to the checklist in the board game. There are four identical sets of all suspects, weapons and rooms and one is given to each player to keep track of suspects. The evidence cards are almost identical to the case file cards in that there is a card for each of the items mentioned previously, however, one of each (suspect, weapon, room) is removed from the set and the remainder are divided evenly. The three cards removed serve as the suspect, weapon and room you are trying to guess.

Reminder cards are simply to remind players of how to play the game, and finally the crime card simply covers the three evidence cards (acting as the case file pocket from the board game). In addition to that, a card is included for each of the characters; Plum, Peacock, Green, White, Mustard and Scarlet; which explains their backgrounds. These cards are not used in play. A few blank cards are also included (perhaps for writing a suspect/weapon/room on if you lose a card?).

The rules of the game vary slightly from the board game. Instead of asking about a suspect, weapon and room at the start of your turn, you choose any two of these to ask about. If the player on your left has either of these evidence cards, they must show you one. If they do not, the burden passes to the next player until a card is found, or all players do not have the card. The case file cards are arranged in such a way that you can discount certain suspects/weapons/rooms after seeing them from another player. They function as the checklist in the board game.

Once you feel you know the three evidence cards removed from play at the start of the game, you can make an accusation. If you are correct, you win the game, but if you are wrong, you continue showing your cards to players as they ask. You cannot, however, make another accusation.

Cluedo Suspect is a great adaption of the board game, however, it does end rather quickly. The Cluedo board game is one of my favourites, and I love the concept, however, I feel Hasbro should have added more suspects, weapons and rooms to this game to lengthen its duration. Despite this, it is the best mobile adaption of Cluedo that I’ve seen yet, and it is great to be able to carry around the game, essentially in your pocket, if you want a quick play with a couple of friends. It is available at a great price and offers 10-15 minutes of fun per game, but it can feel a bit short in duration.