Today we have some Cougar Dual X 120mm Red LED and Vortex CF-V12HP PWM case fans for review. Cougar kindly agreed to send us a number of fans for use in our testing rig, in return for reviews on the site. We will be starting with the Dual-X LED fan range, so, please read on if you would like to learn more about this great product.


Cougar’s Dual-X LED fan range is a recent entry into the PC Case fan market. The products are designed to provide high performance yet silent cooling, all while appearing very stylish inside a windowed case. The blades of the fan are coloured, and equipped with LEDs. Our particular samples are RED LED fans with orange fan blades, which are a great companion to our other red-coloured components. Variants of this fan include a BLUE LED with blue blades fan, GREEN LED with green blades fan and also a non-LED black version.

Model: CF-D12HB-R
Marketing name: CFD120 RED LED Fan
Dimensions: 20 x 120 x 25mm
Speed: 1200R.P.M
Air flow @ 12V (CFM, m3/h): 64.37 / 109.42
Air pressure @ 12V (mm H2O): 1.74
Noise: 16.6dB(A)
Bearing type: HB (Hydraulic-Bearing)
Connector: 3pin
Cable length: 450mm
Accessories: 3 to 4 pin adapter, tool-less fixed pins, fan screws

The fan is equipped with a hydraulic bearing system, resulting in a lower amount of friction and hence noise, even with an impressive nine fan blades, each dual-layered. The fans have rubber padding around the screw-holes and rubber pin mounts for attachment. Each of the blades have lines of thin plastic along them (which Cougar call ‘claws’). These function to increase the air pressure without producing addition noise. It is a very well constructed fan with a lot of thought in its functionality, showing that Cougar mean more than just style. A 3 to 4 pin adapter is also included with each fan.

These fans do not come cheap however, they are a premium product in the case fan market. The RRP for these fans is $19.95/€19.99 each. When we move into our results section later, you will however see why they are priced at this level.


Cougar’s Vortex PWM fans are another very high quality offering from the company. As with most of Cougar’s products, the Vortex PWM fans feature a very unique and innovative design. The blades of the fan are coloured orange, however, this fan does not feature LEDs. It is available in 120mm and 140mm variants, the former having a very premium style gold and black packaging, with the latter opting for a black and white-headed design.

Model: CF-V12HP
Marketing name: VORTEX PWM 120
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25
Speed: 800-1500
Air flow @ 12V (CFM, m3/h): 70.5 / 119.8(max.)
Air pressure @ 12V (mm H2O): 2.2
Noise: 17.9dB
Bearing type: HDB (Hydro-Dynamic Bearing)
Connector: PWM 4 pin
Cable length: 450mm
Cable sleeve: Yes
Accessories: 4-pin PWM to 4-pin Molex adapter, Tool-less fixed pins, Screws

I find the orange blade design to be a very attractive and elegant choice for the fan, adding a bit of colour to what would usually be a bland black fan. The colour complements our existing red-themed system perfectly. Rubber padding is used around the screw-holes, again decreasing noise from the fan. The Cougar logo is featured in the center of the fan, and the blades having a design imprinted upon them. These design, along with the unique shape of the blades, has the focus of pinpointing airflow in one particular direction, combining airwaves into one central current.

The fan using hydro-dynamic bearings, making the fan even more silent and durable than traditional fans. Other features, such as very particular shaping of the center-piece and frame, allow for focused airflow, quieter operation and even more silenced operation. The Vortex PWM fans are one of the most impressive fan offerings I have seen in quite some time. Thankfully, during our entire test, the fans did a fantastic job at keeping our highly-overclocked CPU cool, and remaining silent in their operation; it was almost like they weren’t there most of the time! They carry an RRP of $16.99, so, around €12.99.

We tested these four fans by using the two Dual-X 120mm RED LED fans on the window of our case, blowing directly onto our GPU and the two Vortex PWM fans were used with a closed loop CPU cooler. No other case fans were used alongside these four. We tested below using the fans, and then without the fans (generic, low quality fans were used for the CPU cooler in the test without the Cougar fans). Our system was considerably heavily overclocked. Here are our results:

With Fans: 21℃, 34℃, 35℃
Without Fans: 28℃, 42℃, 43℃

~50% LOAD
With Fans: 30℃, 51℃, 46℃
Without Fans: 39℃, 64℃, 56℃

With Fans: 38℃, 71℃, 55℃
Without Fans: 47℃, 81℃, 66℃

As you can see above, the use of Cougar fans in both our GPU-cooling position, and in our closed-loop CPU cooler greatly improved the cooling for the case. The Cougar fans may not be the cheapest options available, but they are certainly capable of extremely high quality cooling. The noise produced by the fans was impressively silent, even with the fans running on 100% speed! I think they deserve a gold award for performance, in both instances.