Crysis 3 is the most recent installment to the Crysis series of games, developed by Crytek and published by EA. The game could be called a shooter with additional elements. Crysis 3 has a very developed story which clearly has been the focus of the developers. Read on for more information and our full review of the new Crysis 3 which has been strong in the charts thus far…

The game has beautiful visuals, some of the best seen on current generation consoles. The story is based around a battle with the CELL Corporation and ambition to find an alien race, the Alpha Ceph. The core gameplay hasn’t had much of a change from Crysis 2, the same powers of invisibility and battle assistants are available. The HUD is moderately complicated but well laid out and easy to get to grips with.

The control system is perfect and allows a very simple, quick and fluid change of weapon attachments and modifications. Sights, barrels, ammo types and more options can be configured DIRECTLY from the game, rather than entering menus or machines to do the customisation. This really saves time, effort and boredom as there are no loading screens or animations while modifying the gun.

There is a focus on the relationships in the game, particularly between Prophet and his sidekick and this relationship serves the purpose of ‘filling’ content between the main story arc and its key points and events. Crysis 3 is a game full of motive to kill. The combat system is fluid and easy to use and experienced players will have no problem adapting and using the powers of Prophet to their advantage and sifting through levels unnoticed and killing the targets silently.

Speaking of silent killing, the Predator Bow is an excellent new one-shot kill weapon with a variety of ammunition types which allows the instant execution of enemies without others overhearing the death. The visor interface of the Nanosuit also has a new feature to allow hacking of devices, such as turrets, from a range to use them to your advantage (eg. hacking turrets to attack your enemy, rather than you).

Crysis 3 features wonderfully written dialogue with perfect voice-acting. It really brings players into the game and keeps you deeply immersed in the world due to the fact the voices are so perfect, you can relate to the character and actually begin to feel as if they are real people rather than rendered objects in a game written in code. Facial animation also greatly assists this.

We won’t go into detail on the multiplayer section, however, it plays well and offers a huge variety of modes, including the new hunter mode, so, be SURE to check it out if you get the game, it is well worth a look!

A well paced story capable of plenty of replays, along with perfect voice acting, outstanding control systems and beautiful graphics makes Crysis 3 a definite improvement over the already great Crysis 2. Crysis 3 is one that shooter fans will want to add to their library – it adds something extra to the generic shooter.