Hi again everyone, we have another review for you today, Darksiders II. The game is an action-adventure RPG in which you play as DEATH during the 100 year imprisonment of War. Death believes his brother War is innocent and sets out to prove to the other 2 Horsemen of the Apocalypse that he should be released.

The part of the game that really stands out is the combat system. The system allows you to use a variety of weapons and special attacks in combat, doing represented amounts of damage to opponents on which you can focus. The combat mechanics really are fantastic and work perfectly.

Death is a very agile character. He is able to run across walls in addition to wall bouncing. He can also traverse very thin platforms with style, speed and efficiency. In addition, if he ever falls, he can be saved by his accompanying birds (which can also be used for things such as breaking open chests).

Anyone who played the original game will see a large improvement in the abilities of the character you are playing as, due to the fact Death is much more skilled than War was in the original title.

Death’s main weapon is his signature dual-wield scythes. This particular weapon is very light, allowing for fast executed, quick moving combat, dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. His primary weapon can be changed as more choices become available when you progress in the game.

He also has a secondary weapon which is usually heavier and slower than his scythes, however, lightweight secondary weapons are also available. Secondary weapons range from large hammers and maces to light claws and gauntlets.

Also available are a variety of combat combos which can be learned and performed as progression is made throughout the story. Some combos are very easy to execute, while some of the more powerful ones take a lit more skill and practice to perform regularly.

Special types of weapons, for example, Possessed Weapons can be found as loot in chests or from fallen enemies. Possessed weapons allow you to “feed” them other weapons and items, making them even more powerful as they absorb the abilities of the weapons they devoured.

There are many types of magic and physical skills which can be unlocked each time Death levels from EXP. EXP is earned from battles and is used to bring Death closer to upgrading certain skill sets or “trees”.

Death is able to fast travel to some locations, however, other times you will need to take him to his destination by manual navigation. To help with this, you can use Death’s horse, Despair, to increase travel speed. Death also encounters many other companions and characters throughout his journey to prove War’s innocence.

The graphical quality of Darksiders II is fantastic, models and textures look vivid and beautiful. This game really lives up to the high standards which have been set for it in the graphics department. It is up there with some of the best looking titles such as the Uncharted series on PS3.

Overall, the game is fantastic and I suggest that all hardcore gamers should get around to playing the game eventually. It is available now on PS3, PC and Xbox 360, thanks for reading our review.. here are the scores: