Merge Games’ range of Signature Edition releases aim to bring collectors edition style releases to the masses for popular indie game titles. Today we will be taking a look at the Dead Cells Signature Edition which is available for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Dead Cells is unlikely to require an introduction for most people at this stage; the tough as nails roguelike-Metroidvania title released to critical acclaim in late 2018 and gamers fell in love with it. The game is widely considered to be one of the best roguelike-style games of all time and nailed the difficulty level. Dead Cells is one of the rare games in which you will die over and over and over but due to the captivating nature of the game, you will never get frustrated or bored. As you play into the late hours of the night, each death will inspire you to convince yourself you will have “just one more run” before bed, over and over.

Merge Games have thankfully brought the massive indie hit into their Signature Edition range, allowing the most hardcore fans of the game to own it in a physical collectible format. This edition of the title includes the following contents:

– A region free ‘Dead Cells’ Game On Switch (inc. mini-artbook)
– A double-CD digipak soundtrack
– An exclusive enamel character pin
– A fifty-six-page hardback artbook
– A certificate of authenticity featuring digital Motion Twin autographs
– An outer box featuring exclusive artwork with a spot-gloss finish

The first inclusion is an obvious one: the game itself on a physical disc or a cartridge, depending on the platform. While it may not be important to many people, the release of indie games in physical format is a relatively rare occurrence. This is unfortunate for those of us, myself included, who love to own their games tangibly. Not only does it feel more satisfying to hold the game in my hand, but owning games physically helps to keep space free on formats such as the Switch where storage capacity is quite restricted. Seeing that beautiful Dead Cells cover art on the Nintendo Switch cartridge sticker each time I insert it is a far more satisfying experience to me than solely having an icon on a screen.

In addition to the addictive gameplay, Dead Cells pulls out a killer soundtrack for you to play to! Merge Games have decided to go the all-physical route with this Signature Edition and include a copy of the soundtrack on CD. This is a lovely collectors piece which is sure to satisfy those fans who want all the physical goodies possible for Dead Cells so that they can display them among their gaming collection. While it is likely that most owners will not actually use the CD copy of the soundtrack, it sure is cool to have a it in order to put out on view with the other goodies!

The enamel pin of the main character is by far my favourite part of the Signature Edition for the pure reason of cuteness. It has got to be the most adorable little pin I have ever seen in my time on this Earth! The art style used in the pin is so wonderfully different to the lovely art style of the main game that it brings this character to a whole new level of prettiness. This pin will be a proud addition to my backpack from now on as I am simply in love with it! This pin alone almost makes the Signature Edition worthwhile without taking into account anything else which is included!

The artbook is a great showcase of the lovely retro art style employed by the game. Dead Cells may look like ‘yet another’ game with a retro 8/16-bit style at first glance, however, on closer inspection you will notice that it manages to offer its own unique take on the style. The artbook collects the amazing sprite-work and environmental design of the game along with some early hand-drawings of the characters and background elements and packages it into a format which you can display on your shelf and take out to show friends and family while introducing them to the game. It truly is a gorgeous little collectible piece to have and is one that fans of the game will not want to miss.

The signed certificate of authenticity is a charming final touch on the collection which serves as wonderful show-piece. Out of all of the items in the collection, this is the one that hardcore fans are really going to want to display. For myself, having a signed certificate by the developers of a game which you love is akin to the feeling a football fan would have getting a signed shirt by their favourite player. It is definitely something which you are going to want to display on your wall and show off to your gamer friends!

The outer packaging of the Signature Edition actually has a different piece of art to the cover art of the game itself, which I found to be a showing of the impeccable attention to detail which Merge Games have shown in designing this collection. This new piece of art is an awesome shot of the main character falling among rain of fireballs and it truly does make the outer box itself a qualified part of the collectible goodies in this Signature Edition.

Overall, the Signature Edition of Dead Cells is a fantastic collection of awesome physical merchandise based around the game. Any Dead Cells fan is sure to be delighted with what Merge Games are offering here and that makes the Signature Edition a very worthwhile proposition, especially at the reasonable price of £39.99/€44.99 on Nintendo Switch and £34.99/€39.99 on the PlayStation 4. The digital version of the game sells for £22.49/€24.99 so the Signature Edition of the game packs quite a lot of value for the modest additional cost.

You can purchase the Dead Cells Signature Edition on both platforms directly from Merge Games via this link.