Dead Rising 3 is one of the games a lot of gamers have been looking forward to for the next gen launch (myself included). However, let me get this out of the way immediately, Dead Rising 3 is not a system selling or a masterpiece. Despite this, however, it still ranks up as a very good game. Read on for our full impressions on this Xbox One launch title…

You play as a survivor stranded in an apocalyptic world filled with more zombies than ever before. Dead Rising 3 has taken the objective which has you killing as many zombies as possible throughout the game. You will quickly rack up thousand after thousand of kills as you play through the various game modes available on the game. If you were looking for an experience more centered around emotions, then you will be disappointed. This game is more about destroying every zombie in your sight.

You will travel through the city of Los Perdidos as a character called Nick Ramos. One of the interesting aspects of Dead Rising 3 is the fact the game is now set in an open world city, allowing more exploration than before. You may have heard many things about the team behind Dead Rising 3 trying to get ‘as many zombies on screen as possible’ and this remains true. The Xbox One has allowed the game to spawn more zombies at once than I have ever seen in a zombie game, and they really can crowd in on you from every direction. This makes the game’s co-op multiplayer mode very fun to play with a friend.

Dead Rising 3 certainly isn’t for anyone looking for a deep story. It is styled around the zombie-movie style, in which a lot of slapstick humour and acting is employed by the characters. It isn’t intended to be an emotional experience, but more of an action-packed ride filled with some humour and impressive gameplay.

Weapons in the game consist of almost anything on the ground. Want to kill a zombie by whacking it on the head with a flashlight? Yes, you can do that in Dead Rising 3! There are many items, knives and guns littered on the ground across the entire game, so, make sure you keep an eye out for unique weapons which might be fun to use.

Graphically, the game looks pretty good, but nothing astounding. It runs at only 30FPS at 720P, so, it seems that the development team focused their efforts on getting as many zombies to spawn as possible, and have not pushed any major boundaries in terms of graphics. They do look slightly better than what we have seen recently on the Xbox 360, but nothing particularly groundbreaking.

There isn’t really much of a story to the game at all. As we said, it is an open-world game , mainly focused on travelling to complete certain objectives, and ultimately, kill as many zombies as possible. This will not bother some people, but others will not enjoy this style of play. If you came looking for something with a deep, well-developed story, Dead Rising 3 is not for you.

Despite some of its shortcomings, Dead Rising 3 still presents itself as a very enjoyable launch title for the Xbox One if like its style of play. I certainly enjoyed my time on it, particularly when playing on co-op multiplayer. If you like zombie hack n’ slash games, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of Dead Rising 3!