Good evening! Welcome to our review of EA’s latest entry into the popular sci-fi horror game series, Dead Space 3. The game is one which continues the story of Isaac Clarke, the engineer-come-survivor of two zombie ‘necromorph’ invasions. Dead Space 3 sees him return to the action.

The game has an immediate focus on weapon crafting – no longer can Isaac head off to the local shop to purchase a powerful new means of destruction. Resources will need to be harvested, conserved and carefully used to allow optimum use of materials and maximal chance of survival. Players who want an easy way through the story can pay for some of these resources through microtransactions, however, these are not compulsory.

While the game is a shooter, it can often feel like so much more, due to the tension, fear and drama presented and exerted upon the player while they explore the worlds present in the game. Another addition to Dead Space 3 is the option to play through the story in an online cooperative mode, allowing you to play with your friends (however, this mode can remove a lot of the tension the game can create in single player).

The story is rather good, although bare in many places. Gameplay is very linear, however, it is EXTREMELY FUN and addictive, and it is very easy to play the entire game through in one go, taking somewhere between 14-20 hours of gameplay. Many people will not see the time passing as they play, play and play – and before you know it… it is over!

Graphical quality in the game is exceptional and the mixture of dark, depressing and frightening worlds mix well with the creepily vivid and quiet areas. Character and background designs are also excellent. The range of weapons and their uniqueness provides a fresh feel from the usual shooters which usually only re-use the same types of weapons common to many games (AK47, AK74U, MP5 – we’ve heard them all and their clones many a time).

While the game’s interesting crafting interface provides a very good way to customise and create new items of destruction, the only way to be able to properly use this is to dig into your pocket and avail of the microtransactions (or make use of the unlimited resources glitch/feature, however it is late in the game). These microtransactions are not something that should be pushed on a game this expensive, the asking price is a bit steep.

Overall, Dead Space 3 is a game as interesting, fun and addictive as its predecessors, however, the microtransactions are a bit steep and EA’s inclusion of them is not very consumer-friendly.