Deadlight was highly anticipated by Xbox 360 fans. It was touted to be one of the best zombie gaming experiences to come to consoles in recent times (at it’s price range), however, Deadlight has failed to deliver what it was hyped up to be. That said, it isn’t a bad game.

Deadlight is a side-scrolling action game, based around you surviving an onslaught of zombie creatures, blocking your path forward. The visuals in this game are stunning. You can see a lot of time was put into making the backgrounds and props within the game.

The scenery around the player as they traverse through the game is beautiful and the backgrounds are absolutely flawless! However, the other aspects of the game just don’t live up to the same high quality standards.

The storyline is quite bad. Dialogue is badly written and the story just doesn’t hold your interest. Fun experiences in the game are hard to find and the game tends to get quite boring.

Combat is just not challenging enough, the game is too easy and won’t take you long to complete. Also, the fighting isn’t very fun either. It feels to be the same thing over and over and doesn’t deliver quite the experience you would expect.

As you continue to play through the game, you will likely feel like stopping. It really doesn’t get much more exciting and I suggest you stay away from the game unless you love zombie games of all kinds. Also, if you like platformers, you might like this, it is quite like a platform game in some ways.

As I said, the graphical art style is absolutely fantastic and the game must be commended in that sense. I have played games which are much worse, however, this game seems to be missing something. Here are the scores: