The DIABLO III: BOOK OF CAIN was published by Insight Editions on behalf of Blizzard. Insight kindly sent us a review copy so we could give you an Insight (excuse the pun) into the book…

The book is printed on very nice paper which has an old look and feel about it. The sides are rough and un-smooth and give a good impression of the book being an ancient piece of work.

The paper, I must add, smells beautiful when you unwrap the book. The hardcover is beveled, it’s borders are raised… the cover of the book is very nice and has a very likeable appearance.

The stories told in the book are detailed, well written and very entertaining to read. They give you a great look at some of the side story of Diablo III and are certainly not lazy… a lot of effort were put into these stories and the writer, Flint Dille definitely deserves credit for the work he put into this.

The book tells stories from the life of Deckard Cain, a Horadric Mage, he is the last remaining human is this line of mages. He provides very useful help throughout all three Diablo games and this book tells stories from his personal life about the world beyond and other interesting tales.

Any Diablo III fans are certain to enjoy the back story behind this book which allows you to delve further into the life of Cain and the story of Diablo. It’s perfect for the fans who love knowing things about the story of how things came to be in the game.

An old style map is included in an envelope in the back of the book. We cannot divulge any more content of what is in the book, you must find out for yourself…

Here are the scores for the book:

PRINT QUALITY: 10/10 (beautiful design)
CONTENT QUALITY: 9/10 (Stories are diverse and entertaining)
OVERALL SCORE: 9.5/10 (A must have for Diablo fans)