Insight Editions’ Diablo III: Book of Tyrael is a book which explores a backstory in the Diablo III universe, similar to its predeccessor, the Diablo III: Book of Cain. Insight Editions have been given the role of publishing Blizzard’s recent collectable books, including their recent ‘The Art of Blizzard’ collection. Read on to find out more about the contents of the Book of Tyrael, an item any Blizzard fan should have in their collection.

The Book of Tyrael was written by Blizzard’s own associate publishing developer, Matt Burns, who created a backstory in the Diablo universe for fans to read and enjoy. The book, of course, features Blizzard’s signature artwork, a lot of which was probably created solely for the book. The book is priced at an RRP of $39.99/~€34.99/~£29.99, although I have seen many online retailers selling the book in the $25-$28 range, which is fantastic bang for your buck, considering the level of quality you are getting, which we we delve into later in the review.

We see most of the events of Diablo III retold from Tyrael’s perspective in the book, although there are many excerpts from Deckard Cain and Leah included in the book, which is styled more as a book of diary entries or notes, rather than a coherent story. The book is simply a play of Diablo III from a different point of view, and includes some hints at the Reaper of Souls expansion coming to the game, revealing some additional information.

I do not want to reveal the contents of the book for any Blizzard fans, as you will truly enjoy reading it yourself. There is a lot of information in the book which was previously unknown and explains occurences in the Diablo III story which were unexplained. If you want to know everything about Diablo III, the game will not cover it, you will need to read the Book of Tyrael (and the Book of Cain) too.

The book is phenominal in visual appearance. The pages have the appearance of being aged, adopting a yellow/brown tint. It makes the book feel akin to an ancient manuscript, as it would be if we were treating the Diablo III story as reality. The side of the book showing the edges of the pages is particularly nice to look at. Each of the page edges have been coated in a reflective, gold paint which really does look beautiful. You can see light reflections from the sides while the book is closed, and it really helps the product feel more like a premium offerings. The gold edging runs around from the top edge of the book, along the side and down to the end of the bottom edge.

The front and back covers of the book are also raised, so the patterned and layered design can be felt on both sides of the book. Inside the book lies the highest level of printing quality I think to be available. Almost every page in the book contains at least one piece of artwork and a piece of dedicated scripture, all of which is printed perfectly on the highest quality of paper. The book is certainly worth the asking price as it is clear no corners have been cut in its creation.

Interesting images of characters in the game are included in the book, often revealing additional information which was probably unknown to you, or sometimes introducing something confusing you may have to think about to work out. The artwork is truly outstanding, and remains consistent throughout. I have no doubt when I say that this book is an essential purpose for both Blizzard fans and collectors. It is a work of art which deserves a place on any fans shelf. For the price of $25-$28 it is a steal, and offers far more quality than that price point would suggest. This is one of Insight Editions’ best creations yet.

Highly Recommended