Diablo III is a fantastic game. We run a very comprehensive review for the game on PC back in 2012, and awarded it a 10/10. It was also voted our PC GAME OF THE YEAR 2012, as we found it to be an extremely comprehensive and enjoyable dungeon crawler/role-playing game, with a lot of depth and character. Read on to see how the game performed after its port to consoles to allow console gamers to enjoy the excellent creation.

As we’ve already reviewed the story and characters of the PC version of the game, which remain unchanged in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, we will just be looking at the changes and quality of porting the game over the consoles. You can read our review of the PC version by clicking here if you’d like to take a look at the story elements.

Blizzard Entertainment are the developers of Diablo III. This is their first game to come to home consoles in 1998, as they are generally PC-exclusive developers. Since Diablo III was designed to be played on a PC, remapping keys to buttons on the controller was a challenge, and thankfully the team did a fantastic job of utilising the limited console controller. It feels extremely natural to play, and plays out just as well as the PC version.

The left stick controls movement, while the right stick allows you to ‘evade’ attacks from enemies. The right trigger is a special attack, while the normal attacks are mapped to the face buttons of the controller. Blizzard have managed to fine tune the controls to such a perfect level that it almost works better than PC controls, especially for those used to console controls. The loss of the accurate mouse is not even missed.

There aren’t really any additional features in the console version, but, that’s not a disadvantage. Diablo III on the PC was already a perfect experience, and the console version carries with it that perfection and loses no merit in controls or graphics. The game looks amazing, and is vivid and crisp. Characters, combat effects and environments look outstanding and the frame rate is impressive. Diablo III is quite a taxing PC game, and the fact that Blizzard were able to carry that over to consoles without reducing the quality is great.

PSN/Xbox Live services are integrated into the game to allow easy matchmaking and custom game creation. This allows friends to join each other’s games (or the games of others) to play through the epic story together. The auction house has been removed the game (as will it be removed from the PC version in March) but other than that, there has been nothing removed from the masterpiece.

Personally, I enjoyed the console version even more than the PC version (primarily due to my preference to gaming on consoles) and I think it is the best version of the game. I cannot fault it in anyway, and for anyone who was holding back from playing the game due it only being available on PC, there is no longer an excuse to wait. Diablo III is a masterpiece and is highlighted even further with its improvements in controls on consoles. It is an essential play.

The game is currently available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and is coming to the Playstation 4, so, you may want to hang on for the PS4 release if you are planning to get the console at launch!