Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock was released today on the Playstation Store. The game is currently exclusive to the Playstation 3 but will be coming to the Vita next month and the PC later in the year. Later in the week, a retail version of the game will be available for those of you who like disks rather than downloads.

Thanks to the BBC, InsideTheBox are able to bring you a review today after they kindly gave us a code for the game.

The basis of the game is, of course, to solve puzzles just as in the TV series. Matt Smith and Alex Kingston return from the show to voice characters in the game. The plot follows the Doctor and River Song. In the game, they travel through space to visit a planet known as the Eternity Clock. It has a record of everything that has or will happen in the history (and future) of the universe.

Decisions made in the game effect the overall game outcome and the game features many monsters from the show and exclusive to the game.

As you start the game, you will be asked what difficulty level you wish to use, there are 3 to choose from. We choose “Normal” (option 2) for the purpose of the review. The menus are quite nice, nothing spectacular but the graphics are quite visually pleasing.

As you begin the game, you may be surprised at the beautiful scene that greets you. The graphic detail in this is astounding and textures are gorgeously designed. The game certainly delivers in the graphic quality aspect. Rendering is good and textures are sharp.

One thing I do not like is the lack of fluidness in the mechanics sometimes. You may sometimes find it difficult to move the Doctor and controls will feel quite strange. They could have done better with the movement mechanics, it is one aspect of the game I must criticize. Once you get used to the linear left and right movement it isn’t too bad, however, it can sometimes cause buggy jittering which I experienced in the first scene.

Sound in the game is good. Dialogue is done excellently as usual, sound and music are suited to the game and overall, I cannot critisize the sound aspect of the game, so, the game delivers in this category.

Value for money is average, the story will take you quite a while to complete depending on how long you spend on the puzzles. A second player can also join which provides some additional value but overall, the game is normal in terms of value for money.

Overall, the story is good and warrants a purchase, however, it isn’t the best game on the market. For puzzle fans and obviously, Doctor Who fans, you will enjoy it. It’s time for the final scores. Thanks for joining us, just click “Toggle Scores” below to reveal how the game scored. Thank you for reading InsideTheBox.