As we mentioned earlier these week, we have to apologise for the lack of recent content. I currently have very important college exams and I am unable to be as active on the website, however, we will be back to full service as soon as possible. Today however, we have our review of Doki-Doki Universe for publication. Doki-Doki Universe is a unique game which focuses on emotions, relationships and discovery. It may look childish; but there is more than meets the eye. Read on to find out more about this abstract but enjoyable title.

You play as QT377665 (or QT3 for short), an abandoned robot who must prove he has humanity, or will otherwise be reprogrammed. It is quite an odd story, however, it is not central to what makes this game fun and relaxing. In the game, you are tasked with exploring the universe of planets and moons and discovering the personalities of the people who live their. You must also build relationships with these people and help them to reconcile their issues.

All the while, you will be able to visit ‘personality moons’ in which the game asks you a series of questions and then discovers aspects of YOUR personality based on your answers. In my experience, the game was very accurate in discovering my personality and was able to explain the reasons why. The graphics are simple, hand-drawn sprites which add charm. Each planet in the universe has its own unique theme around which the characters and items and designed. The drawings are beautifully vivid and simplistic, and while they look childish, they suit the nature of this game.

Each world is unique and unpredictable. As you travel between them, you will not know what to expect from the next world; each having a very different backstory and very different objectives. This makes exploring the game very enjoyable and keeps the game feeling fresh. The game is not difficult in the slightest, but the abstract and original ideas do create engaging gameplay with which anyone even slightly creative can interact.

The sound in the game suits the simple nature of the game and its graphics. Odd sound effects and music accompany the foreign murmurs of the characters to bring something different to the table. They match the basic level design and relaxing gameplay to create something you can enjoy while sitting back and winding down. It is a great game to play for an hour after work or study, as it allows you to get relaxation and enjoyment with little effort.

When you visit and explore planets, you will be given quests by the characters. These tasks are very simple to complete but never bored me. Usually, the solution will be given by spawning a previously discovered item into the world with the use of “dust bunnies” (which are earned by completing tasks). You find the items hidden in gift boxes across the planet, or, more difficultly, by making a character become elated or furious. When this occurs, they will often drop or gift you with an item. Bringing them to this high mood level is more challenging, and often involves asking other characters questions about their likes and dislikes and then satisfying or exploiting them.

Finally, after completing a certain number of tasks, you will be given a personality report from Dr. Therapist. He is tasked with deciding whether you need reprogramming or have learned to understand human emotions. He will give you a report on all of your completed tasks and some of your dialogue choices and then analyse them. It is actually quite impressive to see the depth into which these reports go, considering that there are possibly millions of combinations of actions and dialogue choices you could have made. It explains your personality through your choices (akin to the personality moons) and gives you an insight into how your brain works.

While it may be charming and fun, Doki-Doki Universe is not without technical issues. The game can be a little unstable on the Playstation 3 and occasionally suffers from noticeable frame-rate drops. Thankfully, there are no apparent issues on the PS4 version of the game from my experience. Despite the issues, I think the game is still highly worth a purchase and is an excellent new indie title on Playstation.

The best part of all is that Doki-Doki Universe is triple cross-buy, so, you get three platforms on one purchase. If you purchase one version of the game, you will be able to download it on your Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Playstation 4. This offers the versatility of being able to purchase it on your PS3 now and then being able to play it on your PS4, should you decide to get one in the future. The unique gameplay is fun, fresh and something new. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game, and I believe most will enjoy it. It is available on the Playstation Store now for just €7.49/£5.99/$14.99