Dokuro is a unique-style puzzle platformer, featuring many levels with an objectives to get the Princess to the beautiful flower at the end of the stage. The game has what appears to be a chalk-drawn graphical style, something which hasn’t really been done before. Dokuro is available in all regions for the Playstation Vita system. Read on for our full review…

The game is charming and offers a very unique and simple, but fun experience. Developed by Game Arts and published by GungHo, the game features Dokuro, the protagonist, who goes to save the princess and bring her the flower. Dokuro can transform into the ‘Hero’ and carry the princess over danger later in the game, however, there is a limit to how long he can stay in this form.

There is very little colour in the game, mostly being black and white, so, the coloured sprites really stand out on the occasion they do appear; at the end of the stage for example. The music and sound effects also have a very nostalgic feel and the game is so simple, it works fantastically. The wealth of levels will keep you busy for a while.

Get used to dying in Dokuro, it happens a lot and is one of the few negatives, the other striking one being the combat mechanism. Combat is extremely limited in the game and becomes very tiresome, due to there being just one way to kill… hitting the enemy with the sword. It also feels quite rigid and slow. Other than these two things, more or less everything else in the game is excellent.

Dokuro makes subtle use of the touch screens, but uses the physical controls for various things like lever pulling, using switches and carrying the princess, in addition to the common uses like movement. The rear touch pad is used to transform Dokuro into his ‘Hero’ form and vice-versa, with a double tap of the pad being necessary.

The goal is to move the princess across the level. She simply walks forward and stops at an edge whilst waiting for Dokuro to create a walkway for her to traverse. Carrying her is the only way to manually control her movement without pulling levers or using switches. She plays little part in the level itself, only walking, however, if she is squished, burnt or falls to her death… other than feeling happy she’s gone, you must restart the level.

Overall, Dokuro is a great game for the PS Vita and certainly is one you should add to your library. Here are the final scores: