Ducktales is a classic; the game was hugely popular in its time and is remembered by veteran gamers. The game was one of the very few non-linear vintage titles available, and the classic version of the title remained to have a huge following for years – even decades – following its release. Capcom decided to team up with Disney to bring back the magic, and kindly send us a review copy of the title. What did we think of the remake? Read on to find out…

The new, remastered version of Ducktales includes completely recreated graphics and textures, a completely new set of dialogue (with full voice acting), new levels and some altered mechanics. The team at Capcom really have ensured that this new version of Ducktales includes the design of the original levels while bringing all the textures up to modern, high-quality standard. The voice acting is also very impressive, and the voices chosen for each character feels very appropriate.

As we mentioned earlier, the original game was one of the few non-linear titles. All the levels were playable in the order you wished, which was very rare in the day of the original Ducktales. Capcom have stayed true to the original and allowed the same choice in the remastered version. They have also added in a new lava end-stage, a starting tutorial in Scrooge’s vault; to get the player accustomed to the controls and mechanics of the title, new music and the ability to change difficulty levels. These new levels are added to the originals; the Amazon, Transylvania, the Moon, the African Mines and the Himalayas.

The characters, particularly Scrooge, have all been given new, beautifully-designed sprites which really add charm to the game. While the graphics may not have the vintage 8-bit charm, the sound effects certainly make up for that; they still sound like a classic NES game. The new background music is also a great match for the levels, and the improvements have added a great atmosphere to the levels. While some might argue the changes are too drastic – I disagree; I think the new additions to the game are fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoying playing the new title (especially as a big fan of platformers).

One of the negatives a lot of people have mentioned is the cut scenes. Don’t get me wrong, the cut scenes are made fantastically and have great voice acting, but each line of dialogue must be endured and cannot be skipped, which can make the cut scenes feel a bit boring. The choice is either to stick it out with all the dialogue, or skip the entire cut scene. Now, this wasn’t as much of a problem to me as it has been to others, as I personally enjoyed the cut scenes. The game does try too hard to make references to the original at times, but overall the dialogue is great, and the voice acting is superb. In my opinion, this is only a minor negative, but, it’s worth keeping in mind.

I really enjoyed playing Ducktales: Remastered; the development team did a fantastic job of bringing a vintage title to audiences new and old. I definitely recommend purchasing the game if you were a fan of the original, or a fan of Disney and/or platform games. Thanks again to Capcom for providing review code.