Good evening all, we have a review of the PS VITA dungeon crawler game: Dungeon Hunter – Alliance. This game has been released on many platforms, however, it was released on the Vita as a launch title at full retail price – a little too steep considering it’s only $15 on PSN.

I’m sure most of you know about the premise of Dungeon Hunter. It is a single-player dungeon exploration game which involves the player fighting against enemy creatures and hunting for valuable items while completing quests for others. It is very similar to the games in the DIABLO series of dungeon hunting titles.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is the sequel to the original iOS Dungeon Hunter and is a port of the Mac and PS3 versions of the game. The graphical quality of the game has gone significantly down from other versions of the game. It does not take full advantage of the vivid and graphically fantastic screen on the PS VITA. Faces and character sprites look blurry and everything looks too washed-out and undetailed.

Sound effects and music are excellent however and assist in redeeming some of the damage done by the blurry graphics. The music suits the game well and the sound effects in combat, UI and natural gameplay are perfect for the nature of the gameplay.

Mechanics work and combat is done to a good standard. Fighting in the game looks and feels natural and there are very few glitches within the game. Most of you will be aware of the overall critical opinion of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, so, I am assuming you want to know whether the Vita version is worth the purchase. Details on that after the jump…

Overall, I cannot recommend the Vita port of this game unless you are a major fan of dungeon-crawlers and need a game for your PS VITA. The game is available for $15 on PS3, while Ubisoft have released this game for $40 on the Vita. This really does not do the Vita any favours and is far, far too expensive. The Vita port is overpriced and should be the same price as the PS3 version.

Here are the final scores: