Welcome to another InsideTheBox review… today we have for you DYAD, the PSN racer developed by ][ (right square bracket, left square bracket). So, lets get on with the review…

DYAD is a very unique racing experience, like no other. The mechanics and gameplay in DYAD are spectacular and very hard to understand. If any more was added to the game, it would become impossible.

If somebody is watching you play, the game will look little more than a blur of colours and headache-inducing imagery… however… to the player, DYAD is an experience unlike any other provided by a game of it’s type.

The graphics are crazy… a constantly changing world of swirling colours, spiraling textures and glowing orbs. Trying to put it into words is a struggle, you need to see the game in action to understand the style.

Sound effects and music fit the game perfectly and prove excellent companions to the beautiful 70s style graphical art. The sound effects include a range of sci-fi like sounds and cannot be faulted.

In DYAD, you play as a particle of light which is on a path to an unknown destination… you attempt to avoid other particles which stand in your path but also attempt to “hook” them, allowing you to get speed boost combos and the like.

Zip lines are created when you hook particles in certain orders and give you speed boosts. If you enjoy the game, it will give you plenty of value… there are many, many levels in the game which will keep you coming back. Each have their original play mode, then a trophy mode, and finally, a remix mode.

I didn’t really feel the game, however, it can see what it was trying to do. Anybody who is a fan of this type of game will certainly enjoy DYAD, so, if you like puzzlers and racers, you’ll enjoy it! Here are the scores: