Entwined was a shock announcement during Sony’s E3 press conference. To the surprise of many, Sony gave a few minutes of their conference to a brand new indie studio presenting the Playstation-exclusive Entwined. This game immediately presented itself as intriguing, gorgeous and impactful. However, did those few minutes give a true insight into the game?

Entwined follows the simple story of a fish and a bird who fall deeply in love and struggle to come together. Through use of the analogue sticks, you control the movements of both the fish and bird, with one stick being mapped to each. As you progress through the tunnel, you must navigate both creatures through openings, represented by the colours of each animal. You are also tasked with collecting orbs as you go, to power up two meters on top of the screen. Once both meters fill, you link the two creatures together and complete the level.

While the game sounds very simple, at times it becomes difficult. The reward of the game is a sense of relaxation and peace, but the game certainly isn’t for everyone. If you miss the targets, the light bars drop, extending the length of the level. However, the visuals and sound effects are so relaxing that most will not mind playing the level for a longer time. The nine levels of the game provide a short but impactful experience.

The true reasoning behind the completion of the levels is not revealed to you until the very end, however, when it is, you will feel satisfied with the experience the game has offered. The unique selling point of the game mainly rests in the fact it is unique itself. Entwined is unlike anything you have played before and while it will not appeal to everyone, those who can invest the time and patience will ultimately feel satisfied.

Those who do not enjoy it will likely be put off by the difficulty of the levels and the amount of patience often required to complete them. The game is not intended to be played in one sitting due to the patience required. Rather, one or two levels at a time will deliver a serene experience without frustrating the player. Overall, the beautiful visuals & sounds and unique premise deliver something different which will appeal to some but not to others. Despite the low level of content, I do believe it is fair value for the price set and I urge players to give it a try.