Good evening all! Epic Mickey 2 is Disney’s new sequel to the well received Epic Mickey game. It releases in two varieties; Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two available on home consoles and Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion on the Nintendo 3DS. Read on for our opinion on the new title and whether we think it should be on your Christmas list….

Unfortunately, Epic Mickey 2 is a title which does not deserve a place on your Christmas list. While the game looks great, becomes very interesting about two hours in and is made extremely well, the story is only a little bit over four hours long.

Epic Mickey 2 is a game where you play as Mickey Mouse, Disney’s flagship character known by almost everyone across the world and either use paint or thinner to add or remove walls and items from the world.

Graphically, the game is a fantastic looking title and offering and really plays out nicely, especially for anyone who may have children playing the game – the visuals are very attractive – however, by the time it gets good and you get hooked to the game, it’s over!

For a game at this price (standard retail price), a four hour game is just not acceptable and this game should have been a downloadable title. I tried to measure my play time with best effort and it only took me four hours and thirty-six minutes (allow ± twenty minutes) and in my opinion, it just isn’t acceptable for a €49.99/£39.99 game.

I can’t really extend the review to be any longer, because the game’s story is too short to ruin anything for anyone who is purchasing the game. If I was to reveal any of the mild story, there would be little left in the 4-5 hour run to keep you entertained. While this game has excellent graphics, mechanics and sound, it just isn’t long enough to recommend.


We will have a separate review of the Nintendo 3DS version Epic Mickey game coming next week, stay tuned for that – I will say though, it is better than the console releases and has a completely separate story!