Hello guys, welcome to another SUMMER OF VITA review on InsideTheBox, this time it’s EVERYBODY’S GOLF which we are going to break down and regurgitate complete with our comments on each aspect of the title. Without further ado, let us get on with the review…

Everybody’s Golf has been brought to every Sony platform in the last few years, most being very similar to each other. The Vita’s version of the game is not much more than a “port” of the PS3 version. Even Sony have admitted themselves, the game does not take advantage of the new hardware capabilities of the PS VITA and was quite a rushed title.

The game is quite fun to play, however, most people will only play it for 15-25 minute bursts before quitting the game, but that is essentially what the game is supposed to do. Most handheld game are supposed to be played in short bursts, but Resistance and Uncharted on VITA are games which you really need to play in one hour+ bursts.

If you travel on the bus or train (or other means of transport in which you do not control the vehicle) a lot, then this is the game for you. It can be great to play for 10 minutes on 2 holes whilst you are on a short bus/train journey.

The graphics in this title are not the best I’ve seen, a lot of things look quite pixelated and blocky, rather than the crisp and vivid textures we expect for the excellent PS VITA screen.

Despite the game’s fun-to-play aspect, I must criticise the awful ignorance towards the new, innovative PS VITA features which have not been used by the title. Even the vivid HD screen is not used to it’s full potential by the game… it really is a shame that the developers didn’t work a little harder on bringing some useful exclusive features to Everybody’s Golf on PS VITA.

The sound effects and music are not the most fantastic things to ever grace a game, however, they do get the job done. Well, that’s about all from us, if you travel often & like golf, you’ll likely find the game fun.

Here are the scores: