Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is the new release from the Family Guy series; a third person co-op game based on the television series, or, more specifically, the Road to the Multiverse episode. The game is out now on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and has not really been received well, however, I quite enjoyed it!

(thanks to gamespot for the video)

This game extends the storyline of a couple of Family Guy episodes focusing on travelling through dimensions. It brings you through a variety of interesting, well designed and fun to play levels as you traverse the multiverse with Brian and Stewie and an interesting array of weaponry.

Graphically, the levels and characters look amazing and really do feel almost like the really show. Some very, very nice animation-style graphical gameplay has been achieved here. Unfortunately, a lot of the cutscenes are either very badly made or recycled from the television series. Other than that though, the gameplay looks superb.

Sound effects, music and specifically, dialogue are absolutely fantastic. Very funny, original lines are used throughout the levels and some of them are genuinely very funny. The script writing is definitely one of the high aspects of this game and deserves praise!

Unfortunately, some of the levels can get a bit boring. All levels are long, however, a few of them aren’t very good and become a pain to play through until the end. Thankfully, this is not the case with most of the levels and I enjoyed the single player campaign overall, albeit a bit short in play time in total.

Personally, as a major Family Guy fan, I found the game to be quite a fair attempt at a game based on the series. It definitely is not a bad game and I do not feel it deserves the bad ratings it has been getting, because it is an amusing title. The variety of weapons included is also a nice bonus, I particularly favour the Ray Gun used by Stewie.

The online multiplayer mode in the game also adds value and isn’t too bad. It’s not the most definitive multiplayer experience ever created, but, it does provide some value and most people will definitely get at least a few hours from it. The whole package isn’t all that bad in the value department, when the campaign, unlockable extras and multiplayer are all factored in.

Wrapping up the review, I feel this is a fairly decent attempt at a true Family Guy game. There are definitely improvements that could have been made, but, this is certainly not a bad game by any means. If you like the series, you should like this!