Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a new release by Ubisoft which is a play on the ridiculous films of the 70s and 80s. Virtually unrelated to Far Cry 3, the game is one of the most wacky and hilarious ideas to come from Ubisoft in recent times. The game is a standalone digital release which does not require Far Cry 3 to play.

The retro style graphics, sci-fi neon weapons and terribly (but intentionally bad) animated cutscenes in between the gameplay are some of the biggest marvels of this release. Anyone who was around for the 70s and 80s will most definitely get a nostalgic feeling once they play this game. On top of the cool retro graphical style, we have an excellent sound element to the game. Michael Beihn (Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss) voices the protagonist with some extremely cheesy, almost cringe-worthy lines.

The starting tutorial is very funny, with directions such as “To jump, jump”, “To look around…look around” and “Moving allows you to move in many exciting directions”. The soundtrack is entirely 80s inspired, with the over-the-top sound effects and visual effects proving very funny. The game could almost be seen to take the it’s so bad it’s good approach. Obviously, all the exaggerated, cheesy elements of the game are intentional and included for humour.

Clichés, innuendos and classic idioms are everywhere in this game; even while the game is loading! In the tips section, I remember reading: “In an FPS, cover [from gunfire] is like a condom…”. I love the attitude the developers of Blood Dragon have taken – it has resulted in a comical, nostalgic and very enjoyable project, albeit a crazy one.

The game could be considered as semi-open world, the map being quite open and free. Each of the missions in the game is featured in a different area with a different style and theme. This makes the game very refreshing as it changes from mission to mission quite a bit. The AI isn’t the most accomplished or advanced aspect of the game, however, I see that this could be partially intentional to add to the ridiculosity of the title (and yes, ridiculosity is a real word!).

If you fully explore the Blood Dragon campaign, you should be looking at seven to eight hours completion time. However, if you skip through some of the side quests/collectibles, then, you may finish the game in five to six hours. To round off the review, Blood Dragon is a ridiculous, hilarious, nostalgic and extremely fun. It is definitely worth a look at for anyone who wants a few hours of laughter and enjoyment.