Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a recreated version of Final Fantasy XIV, with huge improvements and new features. The original XIV got panned, and was labelled one of the biggest gaming disappointments ever. Square Enix set out to rectify that for their fans, with… A Realm Reborn. Read on for our thoughts on this recreated title!

As many of you will already know (especially if you are a Final Fantasy fan), the original XIV was an extreme disappointment. A Realm Reborn keeps only the bare minimum of the original game, and improves on EVERYTHING that made the original a failure for the fans. You will not see any of the issues the original game had in A Realm Reborn; Square Enix rebuilt the game from the ground up, and carried forward very little.

Firstly, lets talk about the combat system. The system has vastly improved on that in the original game, and has evolved greatly. Effects from attacks and spells have been created in absolute beauty, and are stunning to behold. The system is a bit slower than previously (in terms of pacing) but gives you more time to think about how to attack. There is a lot of practice needed before you can combat correctly. As you go through the game, your skills will progress and unlock, and each is rather unique and suited towards a certain type of situation. The slower paced combat is great for allowing more thinking time to figure out the optimal route to attack.

We tried the game on PS3, and it works great. MMOs, as many of you know, are usually exclusive to PCs, but Square Enix decided to release A Realm Reborn on PS3 (and on PS4 in 2014). The controls are fantastic; and work well even when using the controller; something which usually does not work for MMOs, as a lot of keys are used on a PC keyboard. If you aren’t satisfied, you can of course revert to use of a keyboard and mouse on the PS3 and PS4, which is a great additional option!

In terms of story, well, this is where XIV:ARR has its focus. Final Fantasy games are known for their huge emphasis on story. Thankfully, the plot stays interesting the entire way through, and is fleshed out enough to survive the huge amount of content within A Realm Reborn. Story arcs are continued and created with each passing level with the exception of a small few. Time travelling is a considerable part of the game, and could be considering slightly grinding.

Now, on the topic of content, A Realm Reborn is stuffed full with it. As you progress from level one, up until level ten, the game goes very easy on the player to introduce the basics. The game has a very well-developed tutorial system, which works great to welcome new players. Once you begin to get further into the game, all the way up until the fiftieth level (which is the cap), the game remains fresh, and changing. New story points, characters, enemies and tasks and introduced constantly, which keeps the game going, and going and going. If you like MMOs and Final Fantasy, you will get a long time out of A Realm Reborn!

On the graphics side of things; the game is created beautifully. Between the gorgeous environment, stunning character models and impressive level design, the game looks amazing. The soundtrack is also excellent, and matches the high quality we expected from this MMO. Each area has a different, custom-composed piece of music which is tailored to exactly suit its theme and atmosphere. the team a great job of integrating well-matched music and sound effects to delivery a most engaging experience.

A Realm Reborn is nothing like the original XIV, and manages to fix everything that was wrong with the game, and improve it to near-perfection. The game is the MMO which Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for, and you would be foolish not to pick up this title if you like the series! Thanks for reading our review; A Realm Reborn is available to purchase now.

PLEASE NOTE: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a subscription based game, which is charged on top of the initial fee of purchasing the game. This fee is €12.99/£8.99 per month.