Hi everyone. Another of our SUMMER OF VITA reviews today… we have the PSN title FOOSBALL 2012 to review. The PS3 version comes free when you purchase the VITA version (or vice-versa), so, this review applies for both versions.

The game brings the FOOSBALL table game to the PS3 and Vita for the first time in memory. As you know, FOOSBALL is played using a miniature football and the players control rods, each with football players attached, using them to try and score goals.

FOOSBALL 2012 packs excellent value in a very affordable package. Not only is there tournament and quick match modes, there is also CROSS PLAY multiplayer between PS3 and PS VITA versions.

Customisation also plays a key role in the game… you can choose what style of football players you would like to use and what flag you use for your profile, this is displayed beside your score on all matches. You can also choose what type of table and ball you use in quick matches, along with which rule set you would like to play.

The gameplay mechanics are great and the game represents real-world physics very well. The ball goes where it would if you were playing a game in real life and the footballers move easily… overall the game is very easy to play.

Graphical quality is excellent, I haven’t seen any pixelation or glitchy textures yet. Graphics aren’t really too important in the game, they are very simplistic and clean, as they should be in a game of this nature.

Sound effects and music are both fine, again, very simplistic and casual. This game is focused towards the casual gamer, so, we expect everything to be simple and relaxing.

Another great thing about FOOSBALL 2012 is the fact the PS3 version also gives the option of PS Move controls. It is amazing to think that so many features could be built for a game at such an affordable price.

So, overall, the game is excellent if you are looking for a casual, fun and short gaming burst on the PS VITA while travelling or similar. It is a great value purchase if you have both the PS3 and PS VITA. Here are the scores: