Today we have a review of the slightly upgraded version of the eShop FreakyForms game, FreakyForms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive!. The game allows you to create characters (called Formees) and explore different worlds to collect items.

This version of the game has been slightly upgraded from the eShop version and has been sold as a boxed retail title. Look at the box-art and trailers and it’s very clear this game is intended for children.

The art style is very simple and child-attractive, however, textures be very sharp and pixelated around the edges, creating a bit of an unpleasant graphical effect. Otherwise, the art style is nice and very appealing for kids.

The sound effects and music are, again, very child inspired. They do complement the art style, however, they are very simple and standard, nothing very special to discuss in the sound department.

One thing I found was that the touch screen control method can be very difficult and awkward to use and it become very uncomfortable to play after a short time, however, other people may be satisfied with the control method, this is a matter of personal opinion.

I didn’t get too much value out of the game, however, if you are purchasing this for children, I have no doubt that most kids will love this and get a lot of satisfaction and time from the game. I became bored rather quickly, however, that is to be expected as the game is not aimed at my age bracket.

Another aspect of the game I would like to talk about is the 3D effect. While the 3D effect is implemented normally, I do not feel it adds anything to the game and is similar to the 3D effect in 3D Classics: Kid Icarus (it’s ok, but adds nothing). Due to this, if your kids are playing, I suggest you turn off the 3D effect to put less strain on their eyes.

That’s all I’ve got to say about the game, here are the scores: