The Func MS3 is a newly released gaming mouse from the Func team, who went off the scene for quite some time, but are now back with this new product launch. The team originally developed to create a consumer-focused gaming mouse back in the late 90s, and they have returned with a range of new products.

The MS3 has a unique shape, specially designed to accommodate the needs of right-handed gamers (I myself am left handed, and unfortunately there is no left handed version of the mouse). This mouse is equipped with a variety of buttons which can mapped to commands you wish to map them to. The mouse can support three profiles, so, you can save the mapping of the buttons in three different configurations using the onboard memory. The MS3 is also equipped with subtle LED lighting which can be customised to a colour that suits you.

Coming in a stylish, minimalist white box, the MS3 has an orange and black colour scheme, with even the cabling fitting into the theme. The box can be opened at the front to see the size and shape of the mouse through a plastic cover without actually opening the box. Coming with the product is a user manual, a software disk and a variety of information and pictures on the rear and sides of the product packaging.

The MS3 is a larger mouse than most, which the company claim will better suit those users in North America and North Europe. Two years of warranty is offered with the mouse which contains 512KB of onboard memory, which can be upgraded to a higher capacity in the future to make use of more profiles and other features introduced in firmware updates. The MS3 makes use of the WT6573 processor and high grade OMRON switches to ensure the mouse lasts a long time and remains near the top of the line.

Lets talk about some of the new buttons on the mouse. On the side of the mouse, two large buttons are featured,respectively named ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’. Additionally, at the bottom of the left of the mouse, below the forwards and backwards buttons, is a button which mutes audio, a very useful feature if you need quick relief from sound. Just below the scroll wheel are two buttons, each of which function to increase or decrease DPI on the mouse. Finally, to finish with the left side of the mouse, there is an interesting INSTANT AIM button, which instantly boosts your MS3’s DPI while held down, helping you turn more quickly, and more accurately within the game.

The MS3 uses an Avago UGS 9500 sensor, one of the most popular gaming sensors available. This sensor can be set all the way down to 90dpi, or as high as the impressive 5670dpi. Additionally, the mouse can pull up to 12,000 frames per second and can process images at 10.6 megapixels per second. Four feet are featured on the base of the mouse, which ensures movement is easy and precise.

The scroll wheel is one of the features FUNC is marketing the most. The scroll wheel included with the MS3 is one of the best available on the market, offering true tactile feedback, precise control, excellent mechanics and long lasting quality, so it will not break. The wheel manages to offer this, all while maintaining low resistance and a smooth moving scroll. One of the interesting aspects of the mouse is the GRIP INTELLIGENCE, which FUNC have actually trademarked.

Grip Intelligence basically refers to the material from which the mouse is made. This material does an extremely effective job of dispersing heat buildup from the mouse during use and reduced the effect sweat from the user has on the mouse, making it less likely for your hand to slip. The material is very comfortable to feel, and FUNC are not lying when they say it has good heat dispersal, the mouse definitely remains cooler than the other mice we have tried. The surface of the mouse can be wiped free of any sweat with ease.

A long, black and orange cable is attached to the mouse, which ends with a gold plated USB connection, matching the default LED settings for the MS3. The mouse is plug in and play, and the included software which can adjust specs or alter LEDs can be installed without any hassle or even a reboot. The interface of the program is extremely simple, just like the packaging in which the mouse ships. All the features you would expect and available to alter in the greatest simplicity.

Through the software we can alter things like DPI, LED colour, double-click speed, a resolution tweaker which deals with the X and Y axes separately, polling rate and many other advanced settings, but everything can be done with absolute ease. One of the nice things that FUNC did with the software is allow you to set the LEDs in different areas of the mouse to different colours; ie. they are not all tied down to one colour. Any of the 16.8 million LED colours are available to choose from. LEDs are not liked universally, so you can also opt to have them turned off.

I used the mouse to test various games (thankfully, while I may be left handed, I’m also quite ambidextrous for everything other than writing, so, I can use my right hand for most types of gaming) and I was blown away by the precision, the quality and the performance. This mouse, and its impressive UGS 9500 sensor are a fantastic offering; it is one of the best gaming mice available on the market. Thankfully, my hands are perfectly sized for the mouse, so, it was very comfortable to use. Unfortunately, you may not get the same comfort if your hands are smaller, so, ensure you check carefully before buying the mouse. The bundled software works great, the mouse is a pleasure to use and the build and usage quality is outstanding.

We didn’t encounter any shoddy parts, any cost cutting measures, any glitchy behaviour, unreliable software or any problems in general with the mouse, expect the one flaw mentioned earlier in the article; no left handed version is available. I think Func should definitely consider producing a reversed left handed model. Other than that, the mouse is outstanding. The MS-3 is available at the reasonable price of £59.95 in the UK and $79.95 in the US. I have no hesitation in awarding it a GOLD AWARD.