Fuse is Insomniac Games’ first foray into the multiplatform business. The game is published by EA and is now available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With a focus on four player co-operative gameplay, the game appears perfect for anyone looking to play an online co-op shooter, but is it?

Unfortunately, Fuse just doesn’t deliver the quality Insomniac Games usually delivers. Whether that be due to the fact they don’t have experience with this type of realistic shooter, whether EA influenced the game in a certain way or whether they just genuinely made mistakes… we will not know. Fuse isn’t a bad game, however, it isn’t a particularly good game either.

The game lacks innovation and is just the same formula done again and again. Take cover, shoot at the enemies while safe to do so, collect audio logs & extra XP, clear all the enemies, rinse and repeat. The only difference is in the weaponry. Insomniac is known for their wacky Ratchet & Clank weaponry, so, some of the weapons in FUSE are different to your normal third person shooter arsenal. Each character carries an odd experimental weapon which is fueled by “Fuse”, an alien energy source which becomes volatile which mixed with other chemicals.

Among these special weapons, we have a pistol which creates a shield which can re-fire anything shot into it, a crossbow which fires an odd, flamable gooey substance, a crystal-encasing firearm and finally, a warp rifle which fires strange goo, attaching to enemies and turning them into black holes. The final weapon mentioned is the most overpowered and can basically bring you through the entire game.

While the overall mechanics behind the game and the workings of the guns and actions are fluid and accurate, the gameplay just lacks the energy and excitement usually associate with third person shooters. The game also doesn’t really respond to your special attacks properly. All the enemies die in the same way, no matter how they are killed. The game lacks personality, form and zest. The characters in the game are also quite boring and don’t have much to them. Players in the game do not acquire enough knowledge of the characters to become truly attached to them and to see them as more as fictional entities.

Tactical thinking does not play a part in this game. Enemies are too predictable to need to develop any tactical plans and the game, overall, just lacks the elements of surprise, innovation and variety; all critical wounds to the impression the game makes on the player. As much as I love Insomniac Games, while I can’t say anything bad about Fuse, I can’t say much good either. Even the worst of Insomniac Games (of which there are few) have some redeeming elements, but, unfortunately, Fuse just doesn’t do justice for the studio.

As you progress, the game doesn’t innovate with new gameplay opportunities, they just keep adding more and more enemies to try to make the game more difficult. Particularly bad is the final boss – almost a chore to play with no excitement or thrill. The final boss can kill you in one hit, his shield recharges and there are no checkpoints.

To conclude, while Fuse isn’t bad, it isn’t good either. The only positive aspect I can speak about is the slight innovation in weaponry. Fuse definitely does not do any justice for the excellent developers over at Insomniac Games and I’m curious as to how Insomniac allowed this to happen.