Gears of War: Judgment is Epic Games latest release in the Gears of War series. The game acts as a prequel, and is quite a difficult title to give an opinion on. While the combat is fun and the graphics are excellent, it seems like something is missing and the story feels quite disconnected and disjointed. Read on for the full review and analysis of the game…

Judgment is definitely a very fun game to play and really will be enjoyed by hardcore fans of the series. I haven’t played all the Gears of War games myself, but I can see this game has deep connections with the games chronologically following it. Whilst there isn’t as much enjoyment to be obtained from the story for newcomers to the series, it is still a great game.

Shooting mechanics are excellent and feel more like Battlefield 3 than Call of Duty. The game is built on EPIC’s Unreal Engine 3, used by many modern games being released on the PC and consoles. The story is set 15 years before the first game of the Gears of War trilogy and tells the tale of a young Augustus Cole and Damon Baird, leaders of the ‘Kilo Squad’.

Each character in the game has their own story segment which can be played through, each being split into many smaller levels or section. During each story, you take control of that respective character which brings a fresh feel to the game due to the switch between characters every so often. On a negative note, non of the moments in the campaign really stand out as being fantastic and the campaign just feels broken and disconnected. The four segments could have been a good idea, but were executed badly to create a disjointed feel.

Each level will be ranked with a star system with kills, executions and other specials bringing you closer to achieving three stars, whilst downs bring you further from it. Each level also has a ‘declassified’ mode which makes the game harder but brings extra achievements and a higher earning of star progress for each respective kill.

The star system makes the campaign good for replayability, however, the story isn’t great so most of the replays will be only for the purpose of obtaining the full three stars in each level along with declassified mode. One positive throughout the game, however, are the stunning graphics. Environments and characters are rendered in exceptional detail and vividness, making the game look amazing.

After completing the campaign, you will unlock AFTERMATH, a bonus story which occurs in the same time-frame as Gears of War 3. This mission ends suddenly, has little comprehensible story to it and just feels very, very odd and out of place. Art, weaponry and characters in this mission are the same as those in Gears of War 3. Aftermath is a nice bonus, but really isn’t a selling point for the game.

Mutliplayer in Judgment is almost identical to previous games at its core. A new mode has been added along with some other enhancements, however, the multiplayer in Gears of War was always good, so, it can be a very fun mode to play and has excellent graphics, just as the rest of the game does. Judgment’s multiplayer mode is definitely something you do want to check out and have a go of if you get the game.

Overall, the title is not the best entry to the Gears of War series. Long-time fans will enjoy the game, however, newcomers or those who weren’t hardcore Gears players will not get as much enjoyment from the title due to it feeling disconnected and almost story-less throughout.