Grand Theft Auto V has taken the gaming world by storm, breaking sales records and getting top review scores all-round. The game is huge, and requires a lot of time and exploration to complete to 100%. Without help, it is almost impossible to see everything in the game… that is where the Brady Games strategy guide comes in! Read on for our full review of this guide, to see what it offers to players of GTAV.

Grand Theft Auto V has a huge map, and an impressive lineup of activites, missions and side quests. The Brady Games guide breaks the game’s content down into clearly distinct categories, listing everything there is to do within each, and then offering a detailed walkthrough of each activity. Due to the size of GTAV, it is almost impossible to complete the game to 100%, and to experience all the extras which Rockstar threw in without the aid of a walkthrough. I am happy to say; you will not find better than this Brady Games guide.

Every single mission in the game is explained in detail in the guide. We are first presented with a large screenshot from the mission, and the title of the mission at the top of the page. Then, a short paragraph explains which of the three characters can trigger the mission, and to where they must travel to reach it (both a map, and the marker are given in most cases). A detailed breakdown of each aspect of the mission is then presented in a very easy-to-read layout, and screenshots are provided as an aid. Finally, the guide shows what must be done to get 100% (gold) completion in the mission. I found this extremely useful when I was stuck on a mission, or if I was trying to get 100% the first time round.

A lot of the beautiful GTAV artwork is included in this guide. Some of the released art is used on the back of the front and back covers (inside part of both covers) to make the guide feel that bit more premium. The cover is presented with a beautiful matte texture, while the logo sits atop the background of the cover in a glossy finish. Again, it just makes the Brady Games guide feel like a premium product, as we have come to expect from the reliable team.

The guide also offers information on the ‘Strangers & Freaks’ side missions, the various recreational activities, vehicles, properties, weapons and much more. The team went as far as they possibly could in making sure this guide IS the definitive guide for Grand Theft Auto V, and, I am happy to say, they succeeded. Not only is the layout of the guide simple and effective, the content extremely comprehensive and the artwork beautiful, but the printing and paper quality are also outstanding, especially when you consider that this guide is just £7 on Amazon UK (at the time of writing) and that a huge amount of time must have gone into the playing of the game, and writing of the guide by the author.

Without a doubt, the Brady Games GTAV guide is the most comprehensive guide for Grand Theft Auto V that you will find anywhere, all while being presented in a very luxurious style and being available at an outstanding price. I cannot fault the guide!

SCORE: 10/10