Hello everyone, it’s time for another SUMMER OF VITA review… today we have GRAVITY RUSH (also known as Gravity Daze) on PS VITA lined up for analysis. So, without further ado, lets get on with the review…

Gravity Rush focuses around the story of the a blonde-haired, black-cat accompanied girl named Kat… she gains the ability to alter gravity and control the things around her, a power given to her by the mysterious black cat.

She wakes up with no memory whatsoever and is unsure of where she is, she soon finds Hekeville, and is treated like an evil outcast by locals who fear a mysterious force called the “nevi”, black/red creatures. The town which is surrounded by an odd “black hole” like atmosphere of the same colour as the creatures.

The game has a visually pleasing hand-drawn, comic book style approach, with many of the cutscenes in between missions being styled as comics with a 3D-like twist. Kat offers funny comments and is very easy to relate to, bringing you quickly into the game.

Her story is very interesting and is one of the high points of this extremely unique and interesting game… it is, by far, one of the most intriguing of PS VITA titles, you will not be disappointed with this game… it’s originality alone makes it worth a purchase.

The control system is very interesting. It is extremely different to anything else I’ve played but is very easy to adapt to… once you get your hands on the game, you’ll be aware of the controls within a few minutes.

This is one of the games which I am happy to say does touch-controls correctly. The subtle use of touch is present in the game, however, it is not forced upon the user and does not make you feel uncomfortable.

The sound effects and music are also fantastic, they really compliment the game. One thing I must criticize is combat. The combat can become quite awkward and uncomfortable at times, thankfully however, there isn’t a huge amount of combat in the game and doesn’t tarnish the experience too much.

The creatures which you must fight in the game can become irritating… some of them are rather large and their weak points are on their back, so, you must gravity-kick them, they sometimes move, which results in you missing them which can get rather annoying.

Gems are available to collect which will unlock new side-challenges for you. These challenges often reward gems, and, if you’re good, a place on the online leaderboards. The mini-games are rather difficult, so, if you want to get gold, these should take you a while.

While I love Gravity Rush, the ending falls short and doesn’t really answer what we wanted to know about Kat. Overall though, the game is a brilliant PS VITA experience and is one of the best titles on the console thus far!