Guacamelee! is a title based in Mexico, a place not often explored in video games. The title offers a very unique and social experience and is truly one of those PSN gems that many people will miss out on. The colourful platformer offers beautiful Mexican-themed artwork and really stands out as one of those extremely fun, relaxing games to play.

The wacky story of Juan, a dead Mexican muchacho who has been resurrected from the dead by a powerful luchador. The women Juan loves is kidnapped and it is your task to track down the members of the gang and take them on in boss fights. Guacamelee is an amazingly fun platformer which can be just picked up and put down as pleased. The story doesn’t delve too deep, and the Mexican-wrestling inspired combat is very fun, making this a perfect game to enjoy for a few hours.

As you begin to use the various punching and dodging techniques available through Guacamelee’s combat system, you will begin to devise strategic patterns against certain enemies without realising you are doing so. The combat system fits together so perfectly that it all comes naturally to gamers the minute they pick up the game. Drinkbox have always made nice-looking 2D platformers, but Guacamelee! is a particular beauty; the inspired Mexican atmosphere, carefully crafted backgrounds, slightly-wacky characters and odd-looking enemies are all designed excellently.

Another aspect of the game which stands out is the pleasant and vibrant background music, with its authentic Mexican influence. The soundtrack of the game is outstanding for such a budget-limited, excellently priced title. The team really did a fantastic job in bringing together the Mexican culture with story, characters, graphics and sound in the game.

Throughout the game, you travel through pits, jungles, deserts, urban towns and many other unique areas. The range of enemies and varieties in their attacks and appearance keep the game feeling fresh throughout it’s seven-to-eight hour campaign (which is quite long for a game of this price and nature). The added bonus of getting both the PS3 and PS Vita versions for the one price is great for owners of both consoles, making it even better for pick-up-and-play.

In addition, the game supports local co-op by using either two PS3 controllers or connecting the PS Vita to the PS3 and using it alongside a PS3 controller. Overall, the game is a fantastic new release by Drinkbox Studios and should be played by all those with a PS3 or Vita as a fresh insight into the Mexican world – with extra fun!