Zombie survival has become one of the most popular themes in the video game industry in recent years, with developers seemingly always trying to outdo one another to provide the greatest undead adventure. The result is that there are actually a number of very entertaining zombie games out there on all different devices and across all modes of gaming. But there’s a chance the best zombie game of them was just released in January—when Dying Light, which is for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros., Dying Light will apparently be designed as an open-world survival game, with a focus on both strategy and action. But that’s true of a number of popular zombie games. Here’s why we’re particularly excited about the potential for Dying Light.

The Trailers Are Chillingly Dramatic

Reviews are coming in for Dying Light, with Metacritic showing that the critics giving favorable scores (and the fan ratings being even higher). Beyond that, the site is home to the game’s incredibly impactful trailers. The intro trailer was teeming with creepiness and foreboding, culminating in the visual of a crawling figure painting “HELP” in large letters on the top of a building. Then, the story trailer shows bits and pieces of the Dying Light campaign, and it is cinematic in quality. Every moment of footage available in the trailers is beautiful and ominous. While there are glimpses of first-person shooter action and what looks to be a little bit of parkour, it’s the dramatic setting and character interactions that steal the show.

It Looks Serious

There is a place for humour in zombie gaming, and really there are some excellent examples out there of the theme being taken lightly. Plants Vs. Zombies, the popular online and mobile game from PopCap, is the clearest example making a funny little game out of zombies attacking houses, but there are others as well. InterCasino’s Zombie Rush game takes a similarly comical approach, using animated zombies who have “decided to invade the neighborhood and dump radioactive waste everywhere.” Both online games put a playful spin on the idea of zombie invasions, but for a major console gaming experience, it’s better that a zombie apocalypse be taken seriously—and Dying Light appears deadly serious. Humor is great, and we’d hope the game has a few light moments here and there to ease the tension, but ultimately a first-person shooter dealing with zombies and survival plights should feel just as serious as the trailers make this game look.

The Day-Night Setup Is Intriguing

The slogan for this game is “Good Night Good Luck,” and it appears that this is more than an ominous phrase. According to the game’s own website, the basic format for the story of the game is that you will search for supplies in an open world city during the day, and fend off waves of zombies during the night. This isn’t a new concept by any means. In fact, it follows the concept of some popular zombie films, such as 2007’s I Am Legend, in that zombies are often only active and aggressive after dark. But it certainly sets up some interesting gameplay, as it almost sounds like two games in one—half hunting and gathering, half defense and combat. Although, it’s worth mentioning that the trailers (and reviews) indicate there is conflict with other groups of human survivors, which makes for more daytime action.

The Setting Is Brilliant

The open world setting in this game is based on the city of Urfa, Turkey, and this is a really interesting idea for a zombie apocalypse game. Urfa itself is a beautiful city with hints of old world and Ottoman architecture that should come to life in rich detail in the game. Beyond that, Turkey is viewed, from an historical perspective, as a sort of crossroads or midpoint between East and West, and even ancient and modern. Such a location is a scary starting point for a zombie apocalypse, as in many ways it’s the closest thing we have to a geographical center of humanity.

There are plenty of other reasons to be intrigued too—intense combat, gorgeous graphics, and a promising multiplayer mode will all be included. But these are the factors and features make Dying Light a particularly intriguing zombie title.

This guest article comes courtesy of James Watson. We would like to thank James for his submission and encourage all readers who wish to contribute to send their articles to robert@insidetheboxreviews.com.