A very Happy New Year from all of us here at InsideTheBox. We appreciate the support our readers have given us during our first year open, 2012 and we hope to serve you again through the entire of 2013. We are delighted with the response to what we have offered in 2012 and it will only get better as we launch a new website in 2013.

Our new site with be SIMPLER. SLEEKER. SLIMMER as demonstrated in the image sitting in our header. We will be reducing the page width from the current size to a slimmer 1024px, meaning that over 90$ of internet users will be able to view the entire site on their monitor without horizontal scrolling.

We are planning some excellent content for 2013 and hope you decide to stay alongside our coverage which we will provide as regularly as possible. We are also looking to partner for competitions, provide more coverage and bring new regular features to the site, as well as maintaining our unbiased review methods.

We will continue FULL COVERAGE on January 4th, however, we will have a review of Knytt Underground tomorrow. This review was originally scheduled to go online today, however, we unfortunately could not prepare it in time for publishing.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year and we cannot wait to offer up our new site, which is expected to arrive during February. Stay with us for upcoming reviews of 2013’s hottest titles and what we expect to be a reveal of the next generation of video gaming!