Hitman Absolution is a quite a unique shooter. It does not feel like other shooters and playing it is quite a different experience to others. We have a review of the brand new title for you today and we will be explaining how it compares to some of the games currently on the market and past Hitman games. Read on for more….

Absolution is about stealth and sneaking past unnoticed. The game presents you with operations, or contracts, to complete and allows you to carry them out as you see fit, however, you will yield more points if you choose to sneak rather than assassinate everything in sight. There are many ways to be stealthy within the game, so be creative with your tactics.

The single player campaign involves a series of these missions in different locations, getting progressively harder as the game continues. You can hide from oncoming guards by jumping into boxes/crates, wardrobes and the like. You will not be disturbed while in these if the guards did not notice you entering.

Sneaking past unnoticed will gain you points, while assassinating non-targets and getting spotted will deduct points from your total which is counted at the end of the mission. This is Agent 47’s first outing since over six years ago, when the previous Hitman game was released. IO have taken quite some time to release this title, but, however long it took, it was worth the wait.

Graphically, the game is immaculate and looks stunning. Everything looks great, vivid and detailed and each mission is uniquely and intricately designed… you really can tell a lot of effort was put into trying to make this game look heavenly, and it pays off. Character models are extremely accurate and even the UI is great.

Sound effects and music are also excellent, and are perfect to suit the game. There is not all that much music, however, it is effective where it is included and overall, I cannot issue any complaints about this department of the game. Everything present sounds great and I didn’t find any need for more music.

Hitman Absolution is the type of game that makes you think. You must be tactical to do well in the game – running into open spaces will get you nowhere. I love the fact this approach is adopted in Absolution as it makes it stand out from the shooter genre and it really is a nice change from the usual ‘run and gun’ style of shooters.

There are many new features added since the previous game, as would be expected after a six year gap. New simplified fighting tactics, point shooting, cover system, weapons and resources are all available to 47 as you play through the game as him. I won’t mention anything about the story – while it isn’t essential to the enjoyment of this game, it still is quite interesting and I will leave you to experience it yourselves.

One thing I will talk about however, is the new CONTRACTS mode included in Hitman Absolution. This new mode allows you to create your own missions or ‘contracts’ as they are called and share them. This mode allows you to go online and experience new levels and contracts, of which, I believe, there are many, many thousands of already. A lot are available directly from IO Interactive themselves and you will often see a ‘featured contract’ advert in the pause menu while playing the campaign, these can be linked to instantly and played while in the middle of the story mode by hitting Y.

Overall, Hitman Absolution, is, in my opinion, a fantastic title and a welcome change from your standard shooter games. It has taken advantage of a niché in the market, and it has done so in style!